WWE ’12: Featuring The Rock (including 2 finishers)

WWE Games uploaded a video featuring none other than the 'People's Champ' The Rock! Doing his patent finisher the 'People's Elbow' and the 'Rock Bottom' -- and look, how ironic it's on John Cena . It's the current Rock too -- the way he looks today niiiice!!! Check it out.

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tarbis2558d ago

Oh yeah THE ROCK! Please beat the crap out of Cena.

tiffac0082558d ago

Do we also get the "Peoples Eye-brow"? XD

tarbis2558d ago

The $20,000 eye brow is a must! The Rock wouldn't be complete without it XD

LadyGaga2558d ago

The character animations look like garbage.

Day one.