GameInformer: Burnout Crash Review

Burnout 3: Takedown brought the magic of crash mode to gamers everywhere in 2004. It was unceremoniously stripped away in Burnout Paradise and hasn’t been seen again until now.

As if to make up for the absence, Burnout Crash is all crash mode. However, it doesn’t work like you remember. This downloadable title trades a high-fidelity street view for a cartoony top-down camera angle. I miss the traditional presentation, but I can see why this decision was made.

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GOODKyle2559d ago

This game shames the Burnout name.

TooTall192559d ago

Looking for a good top down driving game? Get Renegade Ops.

JellyJelly2559d ago

If it wasn't for the Burnout name in its title it would have been given much lower scores.