These Are The Games That Changed Everything

Charles of Real Otaku Gamer talks about the games that in his opinion changed the way we game now and the games that defined us as gamers.

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jc485732436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

FFIX was pretty underrated IMO. I also remember the first time I got my hands on FFVII. Beat that game 3 times.

Jeff2572436d ago

Pretty good list. But could he really not beat SMB3 without using a Game Genie? Granted I have never beat every world but I have beat the game multiple times using the Warp whistles to get me to World 8. From their the game is a piece of cake. Granted it took me a few years to put together the skills to do it. But I got so good I could get through world 1 and 2 and then beat 8 in about an hour and a half.

Also much to my shame I have FFVII, FFVIII, and FFIX and have only beat VII one time. I keep meaning to go back and try to play through them but get sidetracked by some other game. Or I just can't find the time I would need to get through them.

jc485732436d ago

you will finish the game.

Peaceful_Jelly2436d ago

you just need 2 free days and no sleep. =)

Oh, and a faq for when you get stuck you can move on fast.

thebudgetgamer2436d ago

phantasy star is the game that changed everything for me. before the games i played were all get as many points as you can before you die types of games.

then i played p.s. with its huge and varied worlds, interesting characters and intricate story (at least for a ten year old).

CrescentFang2436d ago

Chrono Cross has one legendary soundtrack that's for sure!

Hicken2436d ago

I can only agree with Rival Schools on that list. Before it, I wasn't interested in fighting games in the slightest. But after I started playing Rival Schools, I wanted to play nearly every fighter EVER. I've calmed down from that now, but RS is still one of my favorites.

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