Resistance vs Gears–We have a winner

With the final release* in the trilogies out of the way for Resistance and Gears of War it’s come the time to look back and see which next-gen IP walked away with the prize and which has been shunted into the corner to lick it’s wounds.

Gears of War 1 was released exclusively to the Xbox 360 in November of 2006 while Resistance: Fall of Man was released exclusively to the PS3 just 4 days later on the 11th of November 2006.

Gears of War 1 brought the ground breaking cover mechanic to reality and consoles while Resistance had a 40 player online claim to fame. The games weren’t targeted at each other but fans on both sides had found a new hero and the fanboy wars began.

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fluffydelusions2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Should be Gears 3 vs UC3. It will happen and I can't wait for it. This place will be crazy. I certainly cannot predict what the future holds but I've never been disappointed by Naughty Dog and from what I've seen, UC3 looks AMAZING.

LOGICWINS2373d ago

Oh trust me...those articles will be in FULL force once UC3 comes out lol.

Evetssteve2373d ago

It will be Gears 3 vs whatever exclusive is coming out next for PS3. That's how good Gears 3 is

Angrymorgan2373d ago

Gears is the only reason to own a 360 IMO, so yea, xbox has this one won

SilentNegotiator2373d ago

Resistance 3 has an infinitely better campaign, and Gears has an infinitely better multiplayer.

Go nuts.

moparful992373d ago

Ok having played and completed the co-op campaigns on both games I can say definitively that this comparisson is downright assinign. Resistance 3 is an all around high quality shooter. Stunning graphics, smooth controls, creative weapons, and a level of story telling that is well above par for a shooter.. Gears of war 3 is a fun, fast paced gore fest.. Its brutal, looks good, and the unique melee kills are satisfying.. As far a story goes it felt like the story element was there just to say it had a story. All in all both games stand on their own, besides I thought we were past this childish sales game.. Omg gears sold 5 trillion copies and resistance only sold 1 trillion?!?! WHO FREAKING CARES...

Evetssteve2373d ago

U would if it were the other way around I'm sure

moparful992373d ago

No I really wouldn't.. I honestly could care less which game sells more, as long as I get to play the games I love then so what..

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Rynx2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Do we really need another article like this?

Do these basement "journalist" really just ignore (or ignorant of) the fact that such an article already exist, many times over?

Or do they have some sort of "to hell with orignality I do it for teh hitz!11!" unwritten rule that they follow, which is why we get flamebait/dumb article clone #2322123

Either way, it's pathetic and downright embarrassing.

Blitz0012374d ago

I agree with u Rynx, without this we know who is a winner...can't even compare game that runs on dedi servers with one that cutted their player from 64 to 16 because they removed it...GeOW3 was the winner from the beginning no matter what the sales will be...

Wintersun6162374d ago

Gears of War 1 wasn't the first game with a cover mechanic.

In the end the winners are the consumers. Competition is always a good thing, no matter which side is "winning". Competition creates bigger desire to do a better game and with two sides trying to best each other, the consumers get 2 awesome games. People should realize that, stop trolling and start playing these games, because both of them are awesome.

farhsa20082374d ago

"Gears of War 1 brought the ground breaking cover mechanic"

I find this laughable, how ignorant people are, there were many games before that used the cover system before gears.

"the reality is that Resistance is a good but not great shooter while Gears of War brought something entirely new to the table".

Double standards ftw!

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The story is too old to be commented.