Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coming To New York Comic Con ’11

TGH Writes:"It seems that not only is Square Enix attending this years New York Comic Con celebration but also holding a panel regarding their highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII-2 title."

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GunofthePatriots2560d ago

as a new yorker, i never been to a comic con. maybe i should! i would love to go to the ff13-2 panel

Ramas2560d ago

probably so cool to be new yorker. i live in country where total population is 3milion, prolly new york as city have more people then my entire country :D

colonel1792560d ago

I've just seen the trailers that SE uploaded to youtube. The lip synching is terrible. They just added the english voiceover. XIII had the lip synching match the words in english. I hope they have that done for the final release, otherwise, it will be inferior to XIII (at least in that aspect, and will prove it was rushed)

iamtehpwn2560d ago

They have not done the lip syncing yet, that's why. This already been confirmed. It will be lip synced in the same way XIII was.

colonel1792560d ago

Glad to know that! Thanks