Exclusive Preview: Rocksmith [The Gaming Vault]

Kyle at The Gaming Vault got the chance to go way in-depth with Ubisoft's upcoming Rocksmith, a rhythm "game" where you use a real guitar to play real notes and maybe turn into a real musician.

But just how far does the rabbit hole go?

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Applederp2525d ago

Can you do breakdowns in this? This is all I care about

Sidology2525d ago

Breakdowns coming...eventually!

Applederp2525d ago


borisfett2525d ago

Gotta admit, what it does it clearly does well.

RoboRyan2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

I had major doubts about the ability of a "game" to teach an instrument on par with an instructor, but this sounds very promising. The fact it's compatiable with pedals the player uses is amazing. Plus a $200 package with a decent guitar? Can't beat that.

Edit: Thanks for clarifying, I definitely misread that. Still pretty cool though.

Sidology2525d ago

I think you misunderstood. It's not compatible with pedals the players use, but it's got a huge selection of pedal effects right on the disc.

RoboSpiff2525d ago

real guitar huh? interesting.

Sidology2525d ago

Yep, the real deal. And practically any guitar will work as long as it has a pickup.

archemides5182525d ago

i'm gonna get this game.......just don't know when, cuz at 80 bux and considering the upcoming release schedule it's gonna have to wait. would have gotten it day one a couple months ago...or even this coming march or something, but it's and interesting concept/approach

AP2524d ago

It's a real shame because the concept sounds cooler every time I hear it but this is just going to get eaten alive so bad it's insane.

Sidology2524d ago

I hate that it's coming out at the same time as other huge titles. Hell, it's coming out the SAME DAY as Arkham City.

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The story is too old to be commented.