Everyone Overreacted To PSN Downtime...Surprise, Surprise

While the Network experienced technical difficulties yesterday, it's disappointing to see so many reactionary articles on the Internet.

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LOGICWINS2519d ago

Whose "everyone"? I didn't overreact.

JoGam2519d ago

Did you write an article about it? Oh you didnt, so it doesn't concern you.

cyborg69712519d ago

Your here to defend yourself so yeah you overreacted.

2519d ago
Magnus2519d ago

Hey at least it went down for a few hours for repairs instead of a hack attack again and down longer .

Wintersun6162519d ago


Also I personally wouldn't have even known if I hadn't read it from N4G, since I was seemingly doing something else when that downtime happened. Too bad for those who were affected with this, but this was a lot of noise for a little thing.

Solidus187-SCMilk2519d ago

I really didnt care about the outage at all. If it was still down on sunday Id be pissed tho because I need to use PSN for the sunday ticket.

I think this blog writer is overreacting to fanboys negative comments.

tiffac0082519d ago

There is a reason why gaming journalism isn't respected. :<