Kingdom Hearts 3D Near Completion, To Feature Multiplayer

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is close to being completely ready to hit shelves, but how much ready are we talking?

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GunofthePatriots2526d ago

i love KH but they milked this series to death. i cant keep up anymore. just give me kh3 already!

Abash2526d ago

KH3D may not be KH3, but it's the sequel to KH2 we've all been waiting for. Finally Sora's story is continuing and it's going to be on par with the console KH games

iXenon2526d ago

Yeah, Dream Drop Distance and all the others ones like Coded and Birth by Sleep are essential to Kingdom Hearts III. The pieces are going to fall in place soon

Hufandpuf2526d ago

I'm never going to play this and I didn't play any of the other portable KH games. I justnwant KH3 and they better not pull a "you won't understand unless you play these"

Eamon2526d ago

Well you wouldn't be able to understand some events at the start of Kingdom Hearts 2 without playing Chain of Memories.

xX-Jak-Xx2526d ago

i hate playing sora the kid i like the young sora

I've watched couple of videos and Disappointed
will i hope they will release a better one soon