5 studios that define the PlayStation 3

PSU writes: "As the fifth anniversary of the PS3 approaches, PSU will commemorate the event with several monthly articles, beginning with the five studios that define the PlayStation 3. Did your favorite developer make the list?"

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Ilikegames762369d ago

For me it has been Polyphony Digital. Lately Sony have been purchasing a lot of great developers like Media Molecules and Naughty Dog.

colonel1792369d ago

Naughty Dog has been property of Sony since like 1997 or earlier, so I don't think it qualifies as "Lately"

Jeff2572368d ago

Actually they weren't bought by Sony until 2001. But still that isn't very lately as the other guy said.

colonel1792368d ago

Well, but still, Ilikegames has a point. Sony has acquired some great developers this gen: Sucker Punch, Evloution, Media Molecule, and I think there are some more.

Sony is really getting ready for next gen. If Vita's launch is any indication, PS4 will have a great launch too with great games for it.

Magnus2369d ago

I am surprised Quantic Dream is not on that list I thought Heavy Rain was great.

Godmars2902368d ago

Heavy Rain isn't generally well regarded and is only one title that's come late. Games like LBP, MGS4 and even GT5 have set standards.

Heck, Turn 10 has to mention PD's racer in attempt to make their's sound better. That kind of industry jealousy says something.

Hicken2368d ago

Where is Heavy Rain NOT well-regarded?

I should clarify and say: when fanboyism isn't an issue, where is Heavy Rain NOT well-regarded?

All I've ever seen- except from people who bash anything PS3-related- is that it is a great game. It may not be everyone's cup of tea- and no game is- but people with any respectable level of objectivity know that it's a quality title.

P_Bomb2368d ago

Heavy Rain was better received by critics and namedropped by more devs (CliffyB, Peter Molyneux etc) than GranTurismo 5. It even won 3 awards at the BAFTAs earlier this year. Google it, or just drop past Gamerankings or Metacritic.

Godmars2902368d ago

Don't be overly sensitive, you know as well as anyone that "JASON!" was a MEME for a while. That to more than a degree the game suffers from issues in story pacing and controls. Anyone who's done a review for it has said that regardless of a good or bad score.

humbleopinion2368d ago

GT5 didn't set any standards, it was just playing catch up with the other franchises and also came quite late. The game set the bar and was the standards in the past 2 gens (which is why Turn 10 and other studios still mentioned it - it's not jealousy but rather respect), but somewhat lost the touch this gen.

If anything, Polyphony is a perfect example of a studio "fall from grace". It has defined the PS in previous generations, but this generation the PS3 has much more going for it.
And Heavy Rain is one such example - a relatively unique game that one a lot of respect among critics and gamers alike. It wasn't perfect perhaps, but GT5's reception was much more divided and the game was criticized for far more issues. Studios like Quantic Dreams, Santa Monica and Guerilla contibute far more to what defined the PS3 *this gen*.

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TimNunes2369d ago

There is no part of this list that I don't like. Especially since those creators have been with PlayStation for a few generations.

josephayal2369d ago

Dont forget Epic and Bungie

beast242tru2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

i think suckerpunch should take the place of konami they sold out and went stricktly multiplatform but otherwise a good list

yeah but santamonica only has one ps3 game and konami sold out if ask me all earlier metal gears are goin to 360 even peace walker and all future metal gears goin to 360 after playstation made then popular and made then alot of bucks

UltimateIdiot9112369d ago

They didn't sell out. MGS4 is still exclusive to the PS3. It wasn't like SE who plan the game to be exclusive and then just turned it to a multiplat for more money.

All of their titles after MGS4 are made to be multiplat which is fine.

Mrmagnumman3572369d ago

not exactly, konami is still partly exclusive to playstation, but only for new metal gear solid games made completely by kojima. If there is a MGS5 it will be ps3 exclusive. Rising is not exactly a kojima title he is overseeing it but not making it.

clearelite2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Yeah, I don't really condone that behavior either. Sucker Punch should be on that list without question IMO. @below: yeah, where are Japan Studio and Santa Monica? and yes, there are other amazing studios not listed.

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