The Digital Future is Still in the Future Says EA

The Great Gaming Crusade: "Electronic Arts CFO Eric Brown recently spoke to investors and analysts at the Goldman Sachs conference noting that he doesn’t see an all-digital future for the company, or the industry in general, any time soon."

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Shazz2558d ago

way way in the future if prices stay at £49.99 and todays ps store update brought driver at £57.99 , you cant justify those prices for a digital download when boxed games are £40 at most

Angels37852558d ago

I would say that it is waaaayyy in the future.............for consoles and it may NEVER happen on consoles. Now before you assume I'm some rambling PC fanboy with a superiority complex hear me out.

1) Consoles games (even after being in an 8 year lifecycle with the current generation consoles) have not dropped in price (the consoles have, but the games haven't) and the games are still selling for $59.99 on launch date (and they stay that way for a good amount of time). PC on the other hand games are launching as low as $49.99 with some still $59.99 on Steam. Examples being Deus Ex, Warhammer Space Marine, Dead Island, Saints Row the Third, and F1 2011 all launching for $49.99 (some of those aren't even out yet and are selling that low). Also PC games tend to (unfortunately) not hold their value due to piracy so the games drop in price a heck of a lot faster than console games (some within a week of release).

2) People on consoles will not buy digitally unless there is a means to justify their purchase (games being cheaper digitally). The problem with that is that even now in like the 8th year of the current consoles we STILL aren't seeing any hint of a price drop. Until manufacturers release new consoles it's not likely that will change. Because every time the prices jump back up every new console generation the process of prices staying consistent for new games on consoles is the issue.

This brings me to the point: Because of constant console game price keeping up with the times (inflation) we are not likely to see a shift to the digital market for consoles unless pirating next generation becomes more easy and efficient for consoles (unlikely), The industry as a whole decides to lower game prices (.......VERY unlikely), or lastly the industry as a whole shifts to digital distribution as the sole way for purchasing games( likely and unlikely at the same time) heres why: digital may be what they are looking for, but it will make option 1 a possibility. The companies know this. The consoles are the major source of profit for publishers and manufacturers and if it goes completely digital that would make a hellish nightmare for the industry because then the prices would be like PC and drop an astonishing rates. Before you say "they can develop some sort of security" that is simply not true. Games have been getting cracked for years now and with computers (which are what consoles are, mini computers) there is always a way around. Even with advanced attempts like games for window live, steam, and origin securities, they all proved to be abysmal. So basically I don't really see the consoles going into the digital market unless the industry wants to severely skrew themselves. What could work I might add is if they make it somehow difficult to pirate games like how it is with Xbox 360 and PS3, but digitally, it may prove to be beneficial. If they do go digital I would still expect to see piracy rise like crazy especially if its as easy to play games free like on PC.

A note for PC gamers: Don't pirate games! You'll get what you want for the moment, but you'll be left out in the long run when publishers leave PC behind!!!!!!