The Gunstringer Review-CPG

The Gunstringer is an incredibly humorous on-rails shooter for Kinect on Xbox 360 which restores faith in the Kinect as a gaming device and how much fun motion controls can be when done right.

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gogospeedracer2368d ago

This game got a better score than Resistance 3? Come on folks!

crossplatformgamers2368d ago

We actually gave Resistance 3 and Gunstringer the same score

Here is our review of it http://www.crossplatformgam...

gogospeedracer2368d ago

I will have to look into getting this. I know my kids would love it.

gogospeedracer2368d ago

Well, I can't judge your findings since i have never heard of this Gun game. Kind of sad though. Resistance should have been better.

lashes2ashes2368d ago

you are right it should have been better. i love resistance 3 but it was not nearly as good as everybody expected. gunstringer is buy far one of the best games for kinect so far.

crossplatformgamers2368d ago

I knew a little about it but, personally I'm a PC gamer. I don't follow consoles too closely.

JohnnyMann4202368d ago

These damned auto-playing ads with noise need to end now or I am done with N4G.

crossplatformgamers2368d ago

So glad you commented on the article. Appreciate it!

JohnnyMann4202367d ago

I am sorry. I was going to then an auto playing ad started. I got side tracked.