Interview with Assassin's Creed's creative director

After working on it for four years, it's easy to forgive Montreal video game developer Patrice Désilets for getting a bit emotional that his "baby" - a game for the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 called "Assassin's Creed" -- is finally hitting store shelves.

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socomnick4050d ago

I just beat the game and all I got to say is wtf were they thinking when they made this sin of a game. When you first start assassins creed its cool but as the game progresses you develop a hate for it. Then you complete it and you absolutely loath the game. I regret buying assassins creed even more than I regretted two worlds. Next time im definitely listening to the reviews. Avoid this game like a plague you will hate yourself for buying it trust me.

mariusmal4050d ago

i believe in you mate. but the problem is.... why some ppl love this game? they must have their reason. im gonna let this go... and see in the future if im gonna buy it or skip it

Gamingisfornerds4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

When the first gameplay was shown I was stoked for this game, but that hype has sort of worn off the closer we got to the release of this game. The lack of variety and retarted A.I. was something that worried me as time went on and unfortunately those things haven't been improved on in the retail version.

I really wanted this game to be great, but it just doesn't seem to meet my expectations and the lack of polish just confirms my choice to not buy this game.

I have been pretty harsh on this game as of late and I still stand 100% behind everything I said about it. However, I really do appreciate Ubisoft for trying something different and trying to be innovative. But sometimes it just doesn't work out so well and then you have take the 'loss' like a man and just accept that the end result just isn't what it should've been.

All the criticism in the reviews I've read/seen are all valid, and to some they will be more of a deal-breaker than others. To me personally, they are. But that doesn't mean it's a bad game per definition and that someone else couldn't enjoy it.

tmug4050d ago

wise decision. I'm taking mine back today.

Strife Lives4050d ago

I Thought This game was made by one person in Montreal.whats her name again? Who is this guy?

poeo4050d ago

...his "baby" is a mutated freak of nature. with all the bugs and glitches and freezing issues.

must be his weak sperm.

dork4050d ago

lol 4 years?

It took him 4 years to copy the same level and missions 9 times? Wow get a new job.

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