Gears of War 3 - Multiplayer Analysis

Velocity Gamer gives you the rundown on everything you can do in Gears of War 3's multiplayer mode. Don't worry though, they kept to the basics so they don't spoil any unlockables and such.

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omi25p2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

I disagree, I was a Veteran on Gears 2 and i would have been if it was possible on Gears 1. But i can not stand playing gears 3 online. Gears 1/2 everysingle kill felt like a triumph where you had out played the other player.

There were memorable shotgun battles, Sniper battles Ect. But in gears 3 there are no shot gun battles because everyone dies in one shot. There are no sniper battles because there arent maps that enable it.

You cant have lancer battles because someone just charges you from the front or from behind with a shotgun and are able to 1 hit kill you unless you can 1 hit them first

I wish they would go back to the ammount of health there was in the Beta because at least then you could have big shotgun battles. Then by doing that it would fix almost all of it except the sniping

2467d ago
Grimhammer002467d ago

I haven't played my box since mass effect 2 launch. So firing up gears3 is awesome but it feels weird....learning curve is kinda brutal. Lol

But it looks great. My matchmaking is super slow though. Not sure why.

beast242tru2467d ago

i never played gears 3 but i hated gears 2 multiplayer soo much