NEW PlayStation 3 UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Bundle Coming Soon

"This year’s most highly anticipated game is only 41 days away, and like many of you, I’m counting down the time until it gets here! To coincide with the launch, we’re bringing you the PlayStation 3 UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Bundle. This limited edition bundle brings together the action and adventure of UNCHARTED 3 with a 320GB PlayStation 3 system. On top of that, we’re giving you a month of PlayStation Plus, our premium subscription service that offers added features including automatic downloads and online storage for game saves, free games, huge discounts, great exclusives, early access to demos and priority beta invites, and full game trials"

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SpaceSquirrel2491d ago

This is a great deal for those who doesn't have a PS3 yet.

Hagaf222491d ago

Can't say I didn't see this coming, but you would think that if someone is buying this as their first PS3 they would have the first two uncharteds also. Kinda odd to start the series with the third installment?

Abash2491d ago

The Uncharted games stories are unrelated to each other, so I don't see what the problem is

MaxXAttaxX2491d ago

That's what this is for:
I'm sure it'll be advertised somewhere in that bundle package.


The games are connected through character stories. But each game is a stand-alone adventure.
So in a way, you're right.

KratosGod32491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

What about Gears bundle did it had the first two games in the bundle for first buyers???
I'm gona fix your post.
"Can't say I didn't see this coming, but you would think that if someone is buying this as their first 360 they would have the first two Gears of War also. Kinda odd to start the series with the third installment?"

Hagaf222491d ago

Sorry Kratos, my care-o-meter sits at zero for the gears trilogy.

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gogospeedracer2491d ago

When is the 3d tv coming out? Does it include UnCharted?

HebrewHammer2491d ago

Oddly, the PS3 3D display comes out on 11/26, just over three weeks after the launch of U3. Now THAT is a stupid move... Should be simultaneous, since U3 is Sony's Avatar of gaming...

Rynx2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

looks like, there's a disagree fairy buzzing around. Don't worry guys I'll be the "agree fairy"

OT: I really wish I had the money to buy another PS3. I want to retire my 60gb Phat.

dgonza402490d ago

some harddrives are cheap and reliable.. i've heard good things about the Western Digital 500GB HDD.. it's only $70 on Amazon, too.

im looking to upgrade my 120 gb.. so i've been doing research

OT: it would be nice if it came with like a $5 couponn for the UC dual-pack.
That kind of advertisement is all consumers really need to make the plunge for another game lol :)

FlameBaitGod2490d ago

Hope ur ps3 doesn't see that msg. He will be very sad.

badz1492491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

still got 1 but not enough as my younger bro started gaming a lot too now. THIS is a great opportunity for me to do just THAT! I want UC3 and I need a new PS3. hope I can get my hands on it week 1! I don't want to wait too long for this! come on...this is UNCHARTED!

Christopher2491d ago

Great deal, but don't see it pushing sales beyond the norm. None of the consoles are at this point producing software that would get more new gamers than usual as they've already done their best at getting them in the last few years.

Highlife2491d ago

Where the hell did that come from. He just voiced his thoughts and if you check his comments he is no troll. You are the one that looks like the Troll.

MiamiACR692491d ago

I never bought a PS3, I know some black guy down the street who steals them, got it really cheap. I'm talking, 30 bucks cheap. It doesn't work, but it looks real nice and the front LED lights up so when my friends come over with their LBP2 copy and beg me to play, I just scoff and tell them it sucks. Makes me look cool, like I own an expensive product and just don't care about it anymore. And the coolest kid on the block is me.

hilyou2487d ago

ur probably some 12 year old who thinks he's cool. and stop making up stories.

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MoXxXi2491d ago

Its basically like getting a 320 gig PS3 for around 200$ with all the added bonuses. Its a steal. I got my 120 gig for like, $279...

HellzAssassin2491d ago

I got my 80gb BC PS3 for like $500.... so yeaahh... <3
It's still alive too (:

GuruGavrill2491d ago

this is a pretty awesome deal.

Peaceful_Jelly2491d ago

interesting... I'm thinking about buying a PS3 around the release of UC3.

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