GamesRadar: White Knight Chronicles II review

Alan Bradley writes:Japanese roleplaying games aren’t often noted for their excessive handholding, and White Knight Chronicles II is certainly no exception. This is a sequel that fully expects you to have played the original, dropping you directly into the action without so much as a controller map. Luckily for newbs, Level-5 has included the complete original game on the disc, polished up with some of the sequel’s improvements to gameplay and combat. While getting a free game is a great bonus, new players eager to dive directly into the sequel are inevitably going to be frustrated and disoriented.

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sashimi2341d ago

Haters gonna hate but i don't give a sh!t i'm buying this game.

Infernostew2341d ago

"While getting a free game is a great bonus, new players eager to dive directly into the sequel are inevitably going to be frustrated and disoriented."

Why does this review expect people to skip the original and play the sequel. If I'm correct, I don't even think you can play the sequel without clear data from the 1st game.

Deadman_Senji2341d ago

that's why people are pissed.

they at least want the option. which is understandable.

Arnon2341d ago

That would be a pretty valid reason to be pissed. Being forced to complete the first game (which in most eyes, was a pretty bad game) to be able to play the second one?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2341d ago

"Which in most eyes, was a pretty bad game"

Wrong. It wasn't a bad game at all. Besides the, the main complaint would be combat system right? That was revamped for the 1st game as well. So really complaints of this are null. There is no point in playing the 2nd game if you don't know the story, as it picks up where the first left off, which was a huge cliffhanger.

ThePhuq2341d ago

@ Vash

I couldn't help but laugh at your comment... WKC sitting at a 64 on metacritic, and you're acting like you represent the majority. LOL

Arnon2339d ago

I'm sorry, but you do not represent a majority of people who played it. First off, you weren't even the main character of the game, so that was stupid in itself.

Second, yes, combat is bad in the game, so don't try and say that the entire 64 average that the game currently holds is all due to the combat system.

Third, it's incredibly stupid to force the player to play a game that they may not enjoy (which is highly likely), even though you just shelled out $64.94 for a game you cannot play because the company is forcing you to play through the first one.

coryok2341d ago

you can play through the first or you can skip the first part of the story and jump right to the second, just like any other game.

if youre playing gears of war 3 you wont know the story of the first two unless you played them first, just like killzone, or any other sequel; if you dont play through the first part then youre probably not going to know much of what happened in the first part.

xyxzor2341d ago

You don't have to start White Knight Chronicles I to play II. Your character just starts off at level 35.

Hicken2341d ago

What the hell is with all these reviewers saying "you get dropped in the middle of the story" as if the first game ISN'T ON THE SAME FREAKING DISC???

Who SERIOUSLY skips the first entry an an RPG series when the next game is a direct sequel? Why would you play Xenosaga Ep 2, .hack//mutation, and other such games without playing the first?

I won't even bother with the rest of the review, because anyone who assumes that players will be skipping part one WHEN IT'S AVAILABLE ON THE SAME DISC and will thus be confused at the start of part two is an idiot. Plain and simple.

coryok2341d ago

haters gonna hate.

every sequel drops you into the story where the last one left off, its nothing new they just want to complain about something so theyre complaining.

the critic review score is a 60 while the user score is an 8, if the critics arent agreeing with the users than the critics are wrong - the point of any review is to tell people what they can expect. in this case critics have been telling people that the game is a 6/10 while people have been saying its an 8/10, the critics collectively made a mistake, users dont make mistakes in this regard, they either enjoy or they dont enjoy.