OnLive Founder: We're Not a Competitor for Xbox or PlayStation

TechRadar: The founder of cloud gaming service OnLive has told TechRadar that he does not see his offering as a direct competitor to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

OnLive has just launched in the UK, and one iteration will be a small box that allows people to play games through their televisions with a console-like controller.

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Bigpappy2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I strongly agree. No competition what so ever.

No and No.

No, I have not played it and apparently not many have. Hence the reason for my answer. The system has not gain any traction and therefore can not compete.

Not sure where the hateful comment came from, but I assure you, that's just no me. Being blunt and truthful has nothing to do with hate.

yesmynameissumo2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Have played it or are you just being hateful? Is it a bad thing to have more gaming options?

I ask b/c the tone just seemed a little hateful - "I strongly agree. No competition what so ever." Your explanation to me was more constructive. There's nothing wrong with being blunt, but I'm unsure how much of what you said was truthful.

gogospeedracer2490d ago

I have played it and no, it isn't any competition!

Kamikaze1352490d ago

They can't even compete with PC

Hufandpuf2490d ago

I think onlive will be a MAJOR player next year. Since onlive can potentially buy licenses from publishers to put PC to console exclusive games on their cloud system, in the future it might host both ps3 and Xbox games.

Rynx2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Oh yeah, yeah I can totally see that happening. Why would Microsoft, SONY and Nintendo want costumers to spend their hard earned money on their respective systems, when they could just allow OnLive to reek in the profits and pay back only a small margin of that back to SONY, MS and Ninty for licensing fees?

/s AND *Facepalm

EDIT: @Below, wow you're really being serious. Didn't it ever occurred to you, that maybe, just MAYBE if OnLive turns out to be a success (better yet if internet speeds become competent enough) that the big 3 would showcase their own version of it? Not only that but if people can choose to play the Next Halo, Uncharted, or Mario in their respective companies very OWN cloud service, who do you think will be better off?

Hufandpuf2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

You never know, don't doubt a technology that is just forming. The service isn't even available everywhere so you don't know what it's capable of yet.

Look at this list of games they have lined up already:

and It claims it can even do next gen tech.

floetry1012490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Absolutely agree with Hufandpuf. I don't think it'll be ready to explode next year, but OnLive is VERY early in its life and the concept is more ambitious than its execution at this stage. I wouldn't dismiss it right away like most people are. The idea is before its time, much like online gaming on the Dreamcast was. Hopefully it doesn't meet the same fate.

Soldierone2490d ago

I think right now is their time to shine and they are failing at it. This generation is ending, like it or not, and that only means PC games are starting to separate themselves again. Developers know new hardware is coming so they don't mind putting in the effort to go the extra mile. Battlefield 3 etc...

The issue? You need awesome hardware to play this. This is where OnLive SHOULD step in, but isn't. All those "It costs too much" people like me would gladly jump on OnLive if we could play BF3 at max settings without shelling out the money to get the hardware....Yet there currently is no plans for that to happen.

Consoles are not a competition. Everyone has a 360 or PS3, no need to own OnLive for games we could get that have massive online communities full of our friends online, and no reason to start a new library when they don't even have all the new games. OnLive also lacks exclusives, they don't even get timed exclusives. All these mistakes add up, and when they are not capitalizing on the one thing that would make them boom, how could they be competition at all?

At this rate, OnLive won't be the "Netflix" of the game industry, instead it will just simply be yet another streaming game service. There are what 3 or 4 other ones that were "big" at one point and time?

dontbhatin2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

they need to expand their servers ASAP! They will gain more customers by doing this. I already have 2 games on there but i am too far from the eastern server to play them without a second delay with my controls. i wont go back until they resolve this.

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