The Legend Of Zelda's Top Ten Items

Destroying bosses, exploring dungeons, and solving puzzles are all crucial elements of the Zelda series, but finding new items might be the most exciting of them all. Considering that a new item could be the key to destroying that boss, exploring that dungeon, or solving that puzzle, collecting them is the most important part of any Zelda game. Whether they're an awesome weapon to add to your arsenal, a way to cross a seemingly uncrossable gap, or just a container for that crucial fairy, these items are the best in the long-running franchise.

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rfowler302520d ago

i personally like the clawshot; found it to be the most helpfuly(also kills certain enemies instantly with one hit in ocarina of time), the deity mask is beast

Kharhaz2520d ago

Majora's Mask was pretty bad.

femshep2520d ago

i thought the blue and red tunics were the best, fire protection and water breathing extreamly useful plus it was nice to change from the green tunic once in a while

eagle212520d ago

You know how you can charge your sword and shoot beams in some Zelda's? Well it's returning for SKYWARD SWORD. And I absolutely love it.

"The Sword Beam is set to appear in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is activated by pointing Link's sword up at the sky. It then gets charged with energy, and Link can fire a crescent-shaped sword beam once fully charged. Unlike in many other games, the Sword Beam may be used even while Link is not at full health; however, a trade-off comes in the form of a decrease in range."
'this is from zeldapedia'

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