OnLive Launched in UK

GamerZines writes:

Today gaming's first cloud-based streaming service, OnLive, launched in the UK with an impressive line-up of over 120 games to satisfy any genre preference you can imagine!

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gogospeedracer2495d ago

Any of you going to get it?

CynicalVision2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Probably not, I don't really like the idea of playing my games remotely, the internet isn't always completely stable where I live and there are no first party exclusives.

There is nothing really tempting me to try Onlive at the moment, maybe in a few years when it evolves.

aaaaaaaaa2494d ago

I've already tried it out I found it to quite good the only problem I found was after a few hours of gameplay the graphics went down hill to the point of been unplayable the problem was this thing called BANDWIDTH CAP even though iv got unlimited bandwidth according to my ISP. Thanks virgin media

So for me Im not going to get into this for a while or until ISP's give us what they advertise, shame because the tech is very good but the middle man screws us once again.

rajman2495d ago

I just downloaded the trial on and tested it on my old pc (Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz & 1GB RAM, which is useless for any game in the last few years) my download speed is about 5 mbps, and was surprised how good it actually is. Played Dirt 3 and got about 40fps, the picture quality was very good...obviously not perfect HD like on a high end PC, but to play a new game like that on my old PC at playable state is pretty damn impresive.

leogets2494d ago

wasnt any need to mention ya old pc capabilities as it connects straight into a normal tv lol.

rajman2494d ago

Im on about the app for the PC, you cant install the app on your TV lol

Adexus2494d ago

It doesn't run off your PC hardware though, all you need to have is a PC that is able to run the application, everything else is server side. Just tried it myself and I wasn't impressed, I put Batman on and it was pixelated to hell, then I tried Just Cause 2 and it has a low resolution with an inconsistent framerate, I've got 50Mb from Virgin as well, I wonder if because they 'prefer' BT, they're making the Virgin users games crappy :P

bub162494d ago

i have sky broadband 8mbps and i have no pixelated issues at all

rajman2494d ago

I have 02 Broadband and only get around 5mbps, and still I was able to play some mulitplayer in Homefront with barely any lag, couldnt believe I was playing that Deus Ex: Human Revolution on my 5 year old PC lol

Matrix_2494d ago

I like physically owning my games. Or for that matter. Just owning them.

aaaaaaaaa2494d ago

and the fact of once you own a real copy you can play it even after 3 years

Matrix_2494d ago

Amen to that.......theres games I play 20 years later, from the physical copy I bought at that time

MaximusPrime2494d ago

already got one installed and have been playing some demos. I havent bought a game yet and havent considered buying one yet.

davidmccue2494d ago

The first game only costs £1 and if you are on BT you can play 100+ games for free for three months.

Tyre2494d ago

This will kill the hardware industry and graphics cards industry, don't join people you will regret it and a lot of PC Gamers/Console Gamers along with ya.