Gears of War 3 vs. Resistance 3 : The Conclusion

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past couple of years you’ve probably heard of the Resistance and Gears of War series. I’m sure most of you have heard these two critically acclaimed set of games, both of which are regarded as revolutionary, have both drawn to a close with the games Resistance 3 and Gears of War 3.

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NukaCola2524d ago

Gears of War 3 vs. Resistance 3 = Fail
Gears of War 3 and Resistance 3 = Win

See what I did there? I took gaming back to 2000 when crap articles like this didn't exist and games weren't leveraged for hits. Quit the comparisons, wuit the bullsh*t. Why do we have to go through this all the time?

You got only PS3, you got a AAA game. You got a 360 only, you got a AAA game. You got both...then your definitely bi-winning.

MoXxXi2524d ago

If you READ the article it isnt even really comparing them. It litearlly only compares their scores. Not even really saying one is better than the other. I have a feeling you are mad. Would you like some ice?

2524d ago
MaxXAttaxX2524d ago

This whole "Resistance VS Gears" thing, among other games, was fabricated by none other than journalists looking for hits.

It does nothing but instigate fanboy wars.

Hicken2524d ago

"i get the feeling your being defensive.Would you like a shield."

I loled so hard, dude. Have a freakin bubble.

gogospeedracer2524d ago

Very different games.
3rd person vs 1st.

You can compare controls: Gears.
Graphics: Gears.
Multiplayer: Gears.
Network: Live (just because of PSN is constantly going down and Live's features)

rdgneoz32524d ago

Constantly going down? Nice trolling there. Why not "Network: Pay to play online vs free online play"

As for being very different games, if you want to be less of a troll, try comparing to UC 3. Still trolling, but at least they're both 3rd person shooters. And add in story as well when you do that comparison.

OT: As for the article, such a great article... Copy and paste plot of the first games for each series, and then copy and paste reviewer scores. No actual in depth, thought out analysis on which is better...

gogospeedracer2524d ago

Everything you just said is trolling man. Not one thing I said was.
Good work Rdgneoz3

MaxXAttaxX2523d ago

He's right. You say they're different, but then go and compare anyway, showing obvious favoritism and fanboy ignorance while you're at it.

PSN isn't constantly going down. The news you read to day wasn't news. It was PSN going under maintenance, which lasts about an hour or two.
Not an outage the way you trolls would like it to be.

Mike_Tha_Hero2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

I like how no one reads the articles to understand the subject matter. They just glance at the title and write a poorly executed comment.

MoXxXi2524d ago

I figure thats what most people do...most people cant read these days.

49erguy2524d ago

Get em both. I'm new to Resistance and the secondary fire on all the weapons REALLY separates it from any other FPS. They just need to tweak the atomizer damage (it owns everything) and do something about the ammo beacon missile launcher combination (it ruins matches). Both games are awesome.

rulakir2524d ago

I will play both. I am the winner.

towelie12882524d ago

gears is sickkkkk

resistance sucks cant stand that game

Hicken2524d ago

Why would you play a game you can't stand(a game I'm certain you didn't actually play, anyway, and are thus not qualified to comment on)?

towelie12882523d ago

because i played the game first and based on my own judgement i didn't like it
it sucks ( shows how much you know)

Joegrine202523d ago

not liking a game and saying it sucks is to different things. the game is high praised buh if u dont like it fine with me. buh it does not suck. :P

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