Sony Comments on PS Vita February North American Release

Sony has released an official comment on the PlayStation Vita February 28th release reports circulating the web.

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-Mika-2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

I knew this was fake. Somebody would have took a screenshot if they saw it. Im glad sony confirmed it for us.

JasonXE2556d ago

" Hi guys, this is Sid from the PlayStation.Blog. This story is bogus, a complete fabrication. If we had accidentally published something on the Blog, you'd see it in the RSS feed.

When there's a final North American release date, you can be sure we'll share it on the Blog with the quickness.

Thanks guys."

hmm, if they say so...sounded pretty legit to me though :-/

Optical_Matrix2557d ago

I think it will be much earlier than that anyway. Mid Jan-Early February.

liveActionLeveler2557d ago

It would be super awesome if you're right!

mr_epsym_knird2556d ago

I agree. I wouldn't even be surprised if we get it in December.

Kamikaze1352557d ago

As long as it gets released before or when my taxes come in, I'm happy.

Thecraft19892557d ago

From what I get from previous interviews, there is no finalised date. They seem to keen to tells us for them hold of announcing the date. they could of easily announced it at TGS IF they had finalised it anyway.

Bay2557d ago

February sounded too early anyway. My gut feeling tells me it's at least by march, 3 months after the Japanese release.

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The story is too old to be commented.