Top 5 Scariest Horror Games

Horror games go back as far as the industry itself, ok what is classed as horror has changed over the years, but at it’s core horror games aim to make you scared. This may sound relatively easy, just whack a few zombies in you say, however many have tried and many have failed. A true horror game goes beyond what is just on screen, but penetrates your mind with it’s eerie atmosphere and strange noises. Check below for our Top 5 Scariest Horror Games.

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thephillup2436d ago

I'm pretty much a wimp. Never been one to enjoy horror games.

supergameboy2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Silent Hill? Hell yeah!

-Mika-2436d ago

I agree. Every silent hill game should be on there.

Ducky2436d ago

I still don't get how DeadSpace is scary.

SystemShock2, EternalDarkness and Penumbra series would've been a better replacement.

Ser2436d ago

Really? I thought the original Dead Space was pretty scary. I don't know, maybe I feel that way because I played the game on launch night in the pitch black darkness of my home.

Ducky2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I played it at night with headphones.

It's a great enjoyable game in its own right (especially the audio) but it just doesn't evoke any sense of fear in me.
To me, it seems like an action game with some horror elements thrown in... kinda like how Doom3 was.

I equate it to a roller coaster. It scares you to induce a thrill, not to actually horrify you.

Also, I forgot about FatalFrame.

TheKindRoost2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Dead space ain't that scary and being a walking tank doesn't help either. I swear when i most of the weapons , I was just looking for cool ways to take out necromorphs rather than running away from'em.

Ser2436d ago

I can definitely see Doom 3 and Dead Space sharing the same boat.

Anderson82435d ago

agreed i didnt find dead space scary.. its far too bright and you can see everything coming a mile away so it felt like any other tps to me.. and it doesnt help that you have a crazy amount of high powered weapons.

..great game tho

omega272436d ago

i don't find "horror" games scary because you can defend yourself so the fear factor goes completely away

amnesia freaked me out a couple times but nothing else has come close

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The story is too old to be commented.