Kotaku: Mass Effect Mega FAQ, Answered

Kotaku's Mark Wilson writes,
"Yesterday I put out a call for any and all questions you might have about Mass Effect. I didn't expect much of a response, just some random point of clarification and the such. Instead, the comments were flooded with questions and I received quite a few emails as well. I did my best to answer questions on every topic that was asked, so hit the jump for the full (and fairly long) FAQ."

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power of Green 3994d ago

Sucks ass everything about them has some sort of Sony fanboys tone to it. You don't see that with the PS3 from them.

Almost like they picked the Sony fanboy questions. People really thought it was a FPS? only Sony fanboys don't know what a FPS is.

BLACKJACK VII3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

I agree. So does Destructoid - worthless websites. It's so funny how all these idiots treat this game as a SHOOTER when it's an RPG first & foremost. Anyone who doesn't want to play or reveiw an RPG, PLEASE don't try Mass Effect, b/c u will be disappointed. It will incorporate some great 3PS shooting elements, FOR AN RPG. Please don't expect a 6 hour FPS with a lame a$$ story & frenetic shooting. This game will be awesome & beautiful, but it WILL BE AN RPG. Thanks, I'll get off my soapbox now.


Edit: to below - both sites simply suck in my opinion. No particualr bias for Destructoid, they think everything sux. Most recently they suggested COD4 is only worth a rental... clueless...

power0919993994d ago

I always feel that some of Destuctiods comments are aimed at the PS3.

(Honestly just asking I know that sounds like a fan boy comment)

power of Green 3994d ago

If shepard had a sword then it would be a RPG? *Sony fanboy* yes!. lol

MythSquare3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

Come off it. I always thinked Kotaku is the xbot website. There were so much good articles about XBox 360.

added later: do you all fellows get mad cuz of this:"
Is mass effect worth getting a 360 for?

- Seriously, this was asked like 5 times. Has nothing in the 360's library looked interesting at all, and then Mass Effect was announced, and you were like, "OK, maybe I'll buy the console and load up the one game...and then I'll box it back up and put it in my closet for eternity"?"
well, just don't take into account!

P.S. Im not a sonyboy I have pre-order this game.-)

power of Green 3994d ago

No way the site is filled with Sony fanboys they control the site and the members are generally pro Sony.

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