GameFly PC Rental Beta Started

MediaStinger: "It seems like Netflix isn’t the only rental service working on some big changes this week."

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caboose322308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Cool, seems interesting. Might have to actually get gamelfy if this turns out good.

ATi_Elite2307d ago

I'm a Steam loyalist but if Gamefly has some good deals i will check them out unlike Origins and it's resource hogging client.

caboose322307d ago

Yea even if I dont end up using this, it's good to see companies like this making a push for pc gaming because they actually realize that there's plenty of money to make in that market.

ATi_Elite2307d ago

Gamefly pushing for PC gaming just makes me think even more that Windows 8 is gonna allow Xbox360 games to be played on the PC.

Raider692307d ago

I think going to happen too!More ways from M$ to cash in,has soon the 360 gets the final blow,puff!

Letros2307d ago

Digital PC rentals? Sign me up

Pandamobile2307d ago

"All games - All platforms - All access - Available instantly on your PC or Mac"

That last bit confuses me.

DarkBlood2307d ago

because of the mac or the pc games on the mac?

Pandamobile2307d ago

They make it sound like you can play console games on PC/Mac ala Onlive.

ATi_Elite2307d ago

Man if you could play PS3 games on your PC through Gamefly.........OH boy God Of War 3 in full 1600p Ultra HD would be AWESOME!!!

and I would happily hand over money to Gamefly.

But yeah they did use some funny sentence structure!!

StayStatic2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Nice can access all console games on PC aswell :D , gonna have to check this out and see how it performs when it releases.

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