Wii U : Nintendo France confirms a 2012 release year

LiveGen writes : "According to the French division of Nintendo, the Wii U is confirmed to be out in 2012, between the month of april and december."

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NukaCola2526d ago

Word is that the Wii U is unbelievablity hard too develop for according to G4tv's FEEDBACK episode recently. I don't know if it's the technolog or if these devs are just to bafulled at it. But they said the release date originally set for July 2012, is being pushed back to Christmas time. I guess we'll see. I am curious but too, confused at nintendo's vision for this system.

Shackdaddy8362526d ago

That was from 01net which is a horrible site to take seriously.

Plus Crytek says the exact opposite (which is not a rumor):

ThePsychoGamer2526d ago

Given the lack of any footage of games running on the WiiU, possibly with less then a year before launch, I'm more inclined to believe 01net then Crytek.

Shackdaddy8362526d ago

But 01net is based off a rumor while the quote from Crytek is based off a reliable source. That's stupid to believe rumor over fact...

ThePsychoGamer2526d ago

One would assume that if developers where not having trouble with the software, They'd have something to show on the WiiU, especially this close to launch, But we have yet to see anything running on the WiiU. Also Crytek didn't actually say what the difficulty of development was. They said they where so far happy with there tests they have done.

TruthbeTold2525d ago

The 3DS has struggled some, and not met expectations. Therefore the focus has been on that in a major way. While I would like to see some Wii U stuff, I don't expect to see anything serious really until January at the earliest. As of right now, Nintendo has to push the 3DS, and give developers time to have some quality product to show off.

It's rather absurd to believe that rumor over the developers who've praised the ease of programming. Anti-Nintendo/Pro-somebody else people are just upset that the anti-Wii U propaganda wagon has slowed to a halt, and are chomping at the bit for opportunities to try and convince other gamers to be as shallow as they are. Play what you like, and let others play what they like. No need to scrape thin rumors over as much surface area as possible. It's uncalled for. That's how I see it anyway.

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fei-hung2525d ago

There are too many variables as to why it may be hard to develop for: is it the architecture? is it the costs? is it because there are far too many platform to develop for and the uncertainty of the WiiU being successful may limit the resources they can dedicate to the WiiU?

What I do know for sure is:

1) Nintendo are being awefuly silent. After the E3 showing and critical reception, silence doesn't seem so golden.

2) We haven't seen anything running on the WiiU

3) We have no idea what the price point will be for the system or its hardware specs.

4) Nintendo doesn't know specs for the next gen PS and Xbox nor do they know of a release date. The last thing Nintendo want to do is brag about the WiiU hardware only to be slapped back in the face with a next gen Xbox and PS showcase in the same year being more powerful.

If the console proves successful, being difficult to develop for will not be an issue as the PS2 and PS3 have proven.

ozstar2524d ago

Nintendo keep quiet, thats what they do best.

eagle212526d ago

Anyone can predict "between april and december" If they wait to December, I hope they have many millions ready worldwide. Cause back in december 2006, I couldn't find a Wii or even PS3..they were both sold out from the holiday rush.

fluffydelusions2525d ago

You could always preorder if you are absolutely dead set on getting one.

jacen1002525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

i would take cryteks word for it also 01net? what games do they develop ? , i would think aswell your gonna see a barrage of goodies on the wiiU when they show us something, they are holding it all back and coming with the killer blow i would think near release

Tanir2525d ago

great, another rushed console by nintendo and no games to be released for a while due to dev times.

i think this is a bad move by nintendo, being 6 years late in a generation, when ps4 and 720 come out the wii-u is going to be out dated again.

whats with nintendo and old technology lately?

Joegrine202525d ago

another sad guy again -____-

Tanir2525d ago

well, dunno if u saw the news, it was a week or 2 ago, devs say that the controller isn't even working right so they cant develop for the games yet,

not to mention its harder to dev for the system in general. you would think nintendo would finish their remote so devs can make the games for it.

nintendo still plans to release it within a year, thats WAY to fast, they dont even have a console design yet. its very rushed if you ask me, i mean look at the 3ds, that was rushed aswell sadly

jacen1002525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

what stupid fanboy troll comments "face palm"

Joegrine202525d ago

that wasnt news sir that was a rumor get it straight. 01net that stupid french site that predicts everything wrong. so i say again its not news it was a rumor

Shnazzyone2525d ago

Well duh, Holiday 2012 likely in november. Like every new nintendo console before it. There's no mystery in when it's coming, The question is what it will do. Will nintendo finally get how to do online right or not? If they don't sort out that then it will absolutely do poorly with the hardcore market it's aimed at.

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