Gears of War vs. Resistance – An Epic Rivalry Concludes and Everybody Wins

RipTen: In early November 2006, one of the greatest franchise fights of this console generation began: Gears of War vs. Resistance.It started as a battle between exclusives to showcase the capabilities of each respective console. Surprisingly, both series had many parallels and further cemented the rivalry by releasing each successive game in the same month, with release dates often less than a few weeks apart.

Two Sci-fi shooters designed by respected studios featuring characters fighting for humanity’s survival against far more powerful mutated alien invaders. While there is no doubt that the Gears of War series proved more dominant, the Resistance series has more than held its own in many respects as one of the PS3′s standout franchises.

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SpaceSquirrel2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Both series are excellent

jaredhart2194d ago

I enjoy both series, although enjoy Gears of War slightly more.

NukaCola2194d ago

I enjoy both equally. I like that Resistance is serious yet quirky. Gears has fun gameplay. Gears 2 was ok, but Gears 3 is amazing. The story is so-so, but the graphics looks 3x better and more vibrant and the gameplay is so polished. Resistance 3 is just the same like Gears, taking everything about the series and polishing it. Resistance 3's story is excellent and the SP is AAA. I am not an online Resis/Gears player. They are fun but I am 90% about the SP and 10% about the MP. Thats the gamer I am. Both games are worth the SP alone though, so its no biggie if I play the MP at all, though they both are fun. Either which way, get both games, you got two AAA exclusives ot play until October's AAA hits release. Peaces bros.

MaxXAttaxX2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

An FPS vs a TPS just because they're exclusive to different systems.
I swear... journalists make up some of the lamest stuff for hits.

This whole "Resistance VS Gears" thing was fabricated by none other than these people and tend to instigate fanboy wars.

evilunklebud2194d ago

Agreed... gears series is better... R2 was good, not great.

JokesOnYou2194d ago

What rivarly, wtf?, Are these "journalists" reading n4g or what? There is no rvalry, just 2 games releasing similiar timeframe that ONLY fanboys think 1 should fail.

NukaCola2194d ago Show
Sarcasm2194d ago

I dunno. I think Resistance 3's ending sucked pretty bad, but the rest of the game was very fun and enjoyable.

I'm still waiting to play Gears 3 though.

Anon19742194d ago Show
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CrzyFooL2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Agreed. No matter which console you have, you have a winner with these franchises. Luckily I have both ^__^

Edit: Until I read this I never realized both franchises released games at the same time. I learned something!

itsallgud2194d ago

Gears wins this one hands down.

TBM2194d ago

i know i win because i enjoy both series unlike the haters lol.

iHEARTboobs2194d ago

Was Samantha Byrne in Gears 1/2? Because the voice for her is also that of Chloe from Uncharted 2. She even resembles Chloe a bit.

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BlackjackCF2194d ago

Agreed. Well written article.

Vagrant2194d ago

Everybody wins - except for all the poor aliens cut down in the prime of their lives.

Dart892194d ago

Well not really they eventually take some people with them so everyone wins :D.

MultiConsoleGamer2194d ago

I never saw these two francises as rivals. I never actually thought of both games in the same sentence.

With that said, they're both amazing. So like the reporter says "everybody wins."

Batmau52194d ago

I've always seen Uncharted as more of a rival, not to say this article is incorrect, both Resistance and Gears launch eerily close to each other.

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