Analysts: Single Console Future 'Bad For The Industry'

Despite calls from Denis Dyack and EA's Gerhard Florin for a single console platform, analysts have near unanimously agreed it would be "bad for the industry," hindering innovation and consumer choice.

For its latest regular "Analyze This" feature, Gamasutra asked Ed Barton of Screen Digest, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities, Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies and Billy Pidgeon of IDC:

• Do you think it's possible that the video games industry will create a standardized (development or hardware) platform in the future?

• How would independent developers not benefit in a market with a single gaming platform?

• Isn't PC gaming already the "one gaming platform" standard? Or is this analogy not quite right?

In surprising concordance, while most agreed that such a unification would be good for cheaper and more accessible development, the realities of existing console manufacturers requiring proprietary formats and lack of technology-driven innovation would ultimately hinder the industry.

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PimpHandHappy4046d ago

we already had a year with one system and look at what happened. You had a machine that needed to be sent in 33% of the time!


it did give MS a head start thou and they worked it for all it was worth! Couple good games and achievments

snoop_dizzle4046d ago

while i'm not totally for a single system, if there was a single system it would probably actually be pretty good hardware with a low failure rate. If sony msoft and Nintendo worked on this one console, it would probably be excellent.

OOG FunK4046d ago

1 system jus isnt doable in this society...jus to much money to be lost and made.....

OOG FunK4046d ago

And all the innovation will be out the window and we would never move ahead in video games unless that one company said so....sooooo stupid idea and thread

Silver3604046d ago

I like when they compete for my money. Publishers want to make more money huh?
Well let's see EA give up their sports licenses so we can have everyone develop football titles with NFL players. Guess they won't do that will they?
I want consoles to improve every five to seven years.. Would the PS3 be out now if not for MS. And the Wii would be dead against the PS2 if that was the only console. Why buy that when all the games would be on that one console.

Milkman5414046d ago

With gaming growing every year there is no chance at all for there just to be one system...hell at this rate I see Nintendo, Sony, MS, and someone else jumping in the system wars...

Killjoy30004046d ago

people need variety in what they want to buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.