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GameDynamo - "Getting into a game that is best described as a Fable rip-off (which might be a good thing considering the disappointment fans had from Fable 3) and set up to look like an MMO, things seem pleasing enough."

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waltyftm2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

That is a very poor score,

"Fans of the first WKC will love WKC2 – newcomers to the series will find it completely confusing and frustrating. Only those who love cutscene-saturated JRPGs with a very 80s/90s feel to them will enjoy WKC2"

Sounds good to me.

SuperStrokey11232440d ago

What do they say though, That is the key. A number doesnt discribe gameplay.

i cant get there for some reason so i cant comment on it myself.

remanutd552440d ago

just got my copy , i will play it later on

execution172440d ago

i just hope they actually support this game, waited months for the Gr13 weapons to become available but they never came -.-

BigBoss072440d ago

It just so happens that the 80/90s JRPGs are my favorite type of games. I could care less what review scores this gets, I enjoy the hell out of some WKC.

NoOoB1012440d ago

I enjoyed WKC despite getting low reviews. The online town building and questing was awesome.

i don't how they called this game a fable rip off?? its nothing close to being like fable. I will pick this game up eventually so i can build another town =D
Unfortunately right now this game comes at a bad time with battle field 3..uncharted 3. gears 3 and skyrim on my list. Plus i just got Dead island.

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The story is too old to be commented.