Why DC Universe is Going Free-to-Play

Eurogamer: DC Universe Online is going free-to-play to "open up" the game to a wider audience, according to the game's executive producer Lorin Jameson.

Speaking to Eurogamer earlier today, Jameson explained that the move, announced earlier this week, is also a reaction to player feedback demanding different ways to play the game.

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TekoIie2439d ago

This is some of the best news this year for me :) Loved the beta but didnt want to have to pay to continuously play a single game.

But with it going free they can expect me purchasing it brand new!!!!!

DirtyLary2439d ago

Its a fun game. Got my ps3 dualshock working on the pc version and it ran flawless. It suffered from redundant content, iffy pvp mechanics. Hopefully most of it is fixed.

guitarded772439d ago


Ummm... you don't have to buy it, it's going to be free to download. They are doing away with the retail disc since it's going free to play.

itsralf2438d ago

So I paid $60 for the disc for nothing?

antz11042438d ago

^ Its not nothing if you got to play it for a year while the rest of us waited.

Otherwise if you just bought it......YUP.

ElementX2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

It's going free because people aren't subscribing.

" "No, I think we've been doing really quite well. We sold a lot of copies, we've had a lot of people paying and playing the game. This was just a way to open up to even more folks."

Jameson wouldn't offer up any figures, but insisted the game is in good health."

We all know the truth.

LOGICWINS2439d ago

"It's going free because people aren't subscribing."

Obvs...why else would you suddenly offer something for free if "a lot" of people were paying for it.

Ace_Man_62439d ago

i agree with you but TF2 on Steam has gone Free-to-Play, and that does amazingly well

Dark_king2439d ago

because they can make more money with the free-to-play nickel and diming method then the subscription alone.For the most part it is doing good.Its just why settle for good when you can do great.

Bolts2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

TF2 going for free is different. Valve wanted to use TF as a sale promotion platform. It wouldn't make any sense for them to offer TF2 hats and gear on Skyrim preorders if most customer doesn't already own TF2.

Their solution, give it away for free so they can use it to promote sales of other games. Brilliant really.

evrfighter2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

well ya they sold a lot of copies. I own 2 on my lan but I don't see myself picking this titles up again.

especially now since I don't bother with f2p titles. I'd gladly give up mmo's altogether if they all go pay to win. The only thing they are good for is to kill time waiting for the next big game to come out.

SoapShoes2439d ago

Yeah well apparently not because this is Sony Online's best selling game to date, even higher than Everquest.

BlackTar1872438d ago

Well i think a successful Micro transaction game nerfs alot of pay to play income. That's just how it is which is why these micro transaction companies are getting so big. Who would have thought element x and logicwin are the first to say its because of something bad. You guys need to stay out of article on stuff you don't care about.

gumchewinasskikr2438d ago


Really? We all know the truth? I haven't a clue because I don't know the figures. but I do know I have several friends who are addicted to it.

What is more likely is that the free and pay for in game stuff model has in the past shown to be more successful than a retail model. Lots of games use it on Apple IOS system, SOE's own everquest uses it, and home is very successful using it.

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Soldierone2439d ago glad I had the power to hold out this long. No way to get rid of the disc once you played it, and I hate pay to play. Now that its going to be free ill gladly buy the game as soon as it happens!

J_Cob2439d ago

From what I read on various website you'll be able to download the game for free on PSN so no need to buy a disc again unless you want a physical copy. I could be wrong as sites can be unreliable nowadays.

Soldierone2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Yeah Im just waiting to see if the discs go on sale somewhere. They come with a free month so i could get the trophies during that free month since you cant get them without paying.

J_Cob2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Just based off the fact that it'll be a free download I'm guessing the physical copy will drop in price dramatically. I'll probably pick it up too since I'm running low on HDD space. Nice talking with you.

NYC_Gamer2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Because not many users are paying the monthly fee

Blaze9292439d ago

It's going free to play because many won't pay to play.

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