Oh...So You Wanna Know Why PS3 Exclusives Sell Less?

Dual Pixels - No, you're already wrong. Xbox 360 doesn't have "the better online"; Resistance 3 wasn't a bad game; Killzone 2/3 didn't have poor controls; and Gears of War 3 isn't the best game ever. All four of those subjects are null and void when it pertains to the reasoning why PS3 titles are socially behind Xbox 360, as both are "hardcore consoles".

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EDI2369d ago

Main idea, pop culture = Xbox 360

PS3's power and exclusives are overshadowed by populous beliefs of Xbox 360.

Summed up in the article

Dart892369d ago

Not only that but we have so many to choose from so not everyone is gonna go and buy out all of the exclusives.
Where as M$ only has Halo,GEOW,and forza left as their corem exclusives.

guigsy2369d ago

The large majority of consumers don't even know if a game is exclusive though. That has nothing to do with it. Microsoft market their brands effectively, whether it be down to pop culture or whatever.

EDI2369d ago

@guigsy Exactly, but Microsoft's pop driven marketing can and has always drawn any attention out of the product on other platforms and focused it on "XBOX".

testerg352369d ago

I'm not sure what the so many to choose from really means. If you're into KZ then you would have bought KZ3. Same with GOW3 and so on.

fear882369d ago

I think that the article hits the nail on the head.

Playstation and "Core" Nintendo franchises have their own niche culture whereas Microsoft relies on current pop culture trends.

Both Nintendo and Sony have a history and a legacy that is intertwined into its fans and their respective social outlook on games and media.

Microsoft however does have some fans that adopt the game culture independent of pop culture but very few Xbox owners consider the xbox and microsoft its own culture or cultural influence.

In this case the 360 might have a broader target to market towards but both Nintendo and Sony have a larger dedicated consumer group which is more secure than a pop culture phenom that goes from trend to trend.

This also explains the stark contrast between the reviews and sales of R3 and Gears 3.

R3 is not a pop culture entity. It is a strictly fan based consumer good.

Whereas microsoft and Gears 3 have a wider target range and even more so it itself is paired with pop cultural icons. The reviews that come in for Gears 3 have a wider audience gamut compared to R3. Where R3 is a specific target towards PS3 early adopters who fell in love with the series at launch.

death2smoochie2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

"Not only that but we have so many to choose from so not everyone is gonna go and buy out all of the exclusives."

You realize that is the biggest myth EVER to try and justify why PS3 exclusives sell less...It's such a myth that people still want to believe it.
Demographics and numbers do not support this myth period.

"Because they have so many to choose from..."

You are 100% correct from a HARDCORE/CORE gaming point of view. These consumers KNOW the gaming market. However, the majority of console purchases are done by average consumers.
Just look at the numbers to see.
Most of them do not know the difference if Uncharted or Forza for example are exclusive to one system or not. Nor do they care.
When they KNOW about an exclusive title to one particular system, it's due to MARKETING.

"Content is NOT king – seeding and promotion tactics of said content is king.”
-Brian Chappell,

"He who has a thing to sell and goes and whispers in a well is not so apt to get the dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers." -author unknown

"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising."
– Mark Twain

The average gaming consumer does not know the difference between multi-platform games and exclusive games with the exception of Halo, Mario, Zelda and now Gears of War.
Do a litmus test yourself the next time you walk into a best-buy, EB games etc and ask a group of consumers about this.
Many of them do not know.

Members on SITES like N4G.COM and others know, however this makes up less than 1% of the total gaming demographics.
People on this site actually think most console or PC gamers go on sites like these. LOL

You know what it comes down to?
MARKETING. The tried old true Business 101 marketing a product.
All products succeed or fail based on this.

You can have the best product or service EVER, and have poor marketing and your product will fail.
And the opposite is also true of this.
MS markets the hell out of its top tier exclusives mostly. Sony does not.
That is the real reason they are not selling as much.
Also user-base is not an issue as they are very close to each other now.
Sony needs to market games like UC3 and RFOM and the rest vigilantly.

gaffyh2369d ago

@death2smoochie - I'm not even going to bother finding a list of games, but I can guarantee you that this year and last year PS3 had more exclusives than the 360. And on top of that, there were more high quality exclusives. Probably even the previous year too.

On topic - I personally think it's simply got more to do with the fact that there are almost twice as much Xbox 360's sold in the US than the PS3. And the US is where shooters sell, so it makes sense that PS3 shooters sell less.

DaReapa2369d ago

This is actually a fairly decent article. I agree on a number of points. And I must say that fear88 made one of the best posts I've seen recently on this site.

GarandShooter2369d ago

'The large majority of consumers don't even know if a game is exclusive though.'

Consumers in general, which includes non-gamers, yes. Gamers in general, not so much.

When is the last time you saw someone trying to buy the Gears3/PS3 bundle? Or pick up Halo:Reach for the PS3?

EVILDEAD3602369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

The author tries..but is barking up the wrong tree.

Sure Micrsoft threw a big party in NYC to celebrate the launch of Gears. But, this isn't because they do this for every game to market and outsell the competition.

It's because Gear of War is a HUGE franchise for the 360 and arguably as important to the 360's success this gen as Halo.

In fact, Micrsoft has been throwing parties for years..that Gears party doesnt even come close to the Halo 3 launch in size. but, no party ultimately correlates to the PS3 exclusive sales at all.

In fact, it comes down to one point that alot of people are in denial about. All games released are simply not going to be HUGE hits. No matter WHAT console it comes out for.

You can throw out a bunch of exclusives lists as long as you want, but the bottomline is not all games resonate with gamimg masses.

You can pull out Metacritic all day, but at the end of the day the people vote with their wallets. And there are a few games that simply Garner huge fanbases.

For the 360.Halo is the star franchise that the 360 brand is built off of..Gears is the newcomer this gen that as a trilogy has had the most consistant fan base as any franchise this gen.

For the PS3, sure Sony like Nintendo brought it's successful franchises this gen. But even with a wealth of studios pumping out titles..GT5 did well, but lets face's the newcomer Uncharted that shines above all others on the console.

But, the backbone of this gen has also been the remarkable Multi-plats that people try to overlook in the name of this dumb console war.

It's not just how much money gets pumped into marketing (that only can help you initially get the word out that your game exists). But no matter what game is out there, the rubber meets the road when it gets into the hands of gamers.

Theres a reason why some rise to the top and some don't..and most (not all) is because we f-ing loved the game.


DaTruth2369d ago

Sony Computer Entertainment publishes 200 games; do you even want to shell out for MS brand advertising on that many games! Whatever Microsoft publishes under publishes 10 games; that's not even comparable!

MS can spend 10 times the amount on advertising and still have only half the advertising budget of SCE!

Needless to say, Sony just has more games to sell! 50million/200 vs 50million/10. I don't know why we're still having this conversation!

kreate2369d ago

"You are 100% correct from a HARDCORE/CORE gaming point of view. These consumers KNOW the gaming market. However, the majority of console purchases are done by average consumers.
Just look at the numbers to see.
Most of them do not know the difference if Uncharted or Forza for example are exclusive to one system or not"

@death2smoochie and his agree ers

the average consumer at least looks at the box cover of a game. on the box cover it states in clear bold letters.

'only on playstation'


'only on xbox360'

the average consumer may not come to n4g. but they can read and ask the gamestop employee if the game is available on their system.

videoxgamexfanboy2369d ago

This excuse is so old...there were no big exclusive ps3 releases when R3 dropped but it only sold 300k or so. Most ps3 fans simply dont support...

snipes1012369d ago

@kreate...having worked at gamestop for a year around 2007-2008, I can tell you that this is definitely not true. I would have customers insist that I was lying to them when I told them that there were no Mario games for sale on Xbox or that you could not get a Halo game on a playstation console. The average consumer definitely does not pay much attention to information that is right in front of their eyes, not in my experience anyhow.

And I have to say that though Sony may have a leg up in the number of exclusives and maybe even quality of experience (something I am not in any way shape or form going to get into here), the reason that they do not sell as well is because they are simply not marketed as well as MS's big franchises.

One more thing, I saw someone on here talk about how MS's franchises are just pop culture phenomenons and this is just not true. When I still have friend's playing Halo 1 and 2 and other friends that still play GOW 1, it should be clear that they are not just "following the current trend," but actually playing a game they enjoy for no reason beyond the fact that they love the game. Some of the people on here just stereotyping Xbox console gamers makes me sick to my stomach.

BattleAxe2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

The bottom line is that if people like a game alot, then it will sell very well. If they don't like a game much, then it will sell less......plain and simple. Theres a reason why God of War, Uncharted, Gran Turismo, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, CoD and Gears of War sell like crazy. These are the top tier games of this generation. My own personal opinion after owning all the Killzone games and all the Resistance games is that they are not top tier, and while each of these games has shined at times, they've never had the full package.

I've been on this site for a long time, and I think the fanboyism has ruined any objective evaluation of games. Alot of people out there will think a game is good just because its exclusive to one console or another. I've been a PS3 fanboy for a long time, but if a PS3 exclusive doesn't live up to my expectations then I've got no problems saying it. Being a huge Socom fan from the PS2 days, I was very vocal about how bad Socom 4 was, and I hope the criticism forces companies like Zipper to do better next time around.

Sub4Dis2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

@Dart and everyone else making up this TIRED, LAME excuse: i own both i have more choices than just a ps3 owner. i still buy and play 360 exclusives more.

oh, and i can't stand pop culture. i don't have cable, don't goto the movies, don't listen to hip-hop or pop garbage. and marketing like this, i find annoying. and most ppl i game with don't care about that stuff either. also, we're adults, so we have jobs and responsibilities so we don't have time to pay attention to marketing. in the end it comes down to the quality of the games. gears of war 3 and halo reach have endless replay value, are incredibly well done and polished, and xbox live (despite the made up rumors spread by ps3 fanboys) has a tremendous community and a high-spirited feel. when i'm on my ps3, i feel i don't have instant access to the community. psn just feels dark and dank and absolutely archaic. i can't get into it.

what it truly comes down to is the quality of the titles and the community, and 360 just towers above sony this generation. last generation, sony had the better games. this time, 360 does.

now, i'll certainly agree that sony has more exclusives...but most of them are very average games that i've had enough of after a few hours. so why would i buy em? i'll rent em, play em a little bit, then take em back and never look back. but games like gears of war and halo keep me coming back for more.

truth is...the best games and the best selling games of this generation are 3rd party titles, and with 360 having the better online element, it's really no wonder they usually sell better on there. i'd say 90% of the time i'm on my xbox, i'm interacting with someone while gaming. sometimes i just turn on my 360 to see what my friends are up to. THEN i decide what to play. ps3 just doesn't have that.

SilentNegotiator2369d ago

360: More advertisement (Thus more spent/overhead), creating loyalty from online fees as investment

PS3: Non-American numbers ignored by many English-speaking websites, More to choose from, slightly smaller userbase, sites pretending like VGC numbers are accurate (See all of the recent "ZOMG Resistance sells terribly!" articles)

baodeus2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )


so why are the ps3 owners show much higher preorder for games CoD, BFBC, batman, etc... than ps3 exclusives?

"We have more than 3 exclusives. So we have choices" so u guys decided to buy more of CoD instead of ps3 exclusives, cause obviously, that is the highest sold game on ps3 right now and probably for the next one as well.


1. So wouldn't you say that MS is more flexible or can change along with the changing culture, while Nintendo and Sony still stick to their fans?

2. If Nintendo only cater to the fans as you said, how come they selling much more than MS and Sony this gen instead of just selling like Sony for example? Doesn't that mean that Nintendo also change their culture to reach broader gamers?

Nexgensensation2368d ago

I think Sony rely on N4g hype to sell their game since its barely noticeable on the tv

Blogz4Fanboyz2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

pop culture?? too many exclusives?? advertising?? lol you lot need to give it a rest! sony dont read your comments, and dont really care how sad you lot are!!

i own both 360/ps3, pay for live, and have the psn. i even own a 46" 3D bravia led, i have no brand loyalty.

i bought my ps3 for blu ray and the sony exclusives, and you my xbox for everything else.

what i can i say, these fabled ps3 exclusives aint all that. uncharted is a great franchise. but im sorry fanboys, that is it! in 2011 i have not yet bought 1 game for my ps3 lol. i will only buy u3....sorry, dont be upset, that is my opinion

the psn is a shadow of live, i have both and would gladly pay for live. etc.

the thing to remember fanboys is this, there are lots of people, millions infact who share my thoughts. SONY GAMING IS NOT THE BE ALL,AND THEIR EXCLUSIVES ARE NOT THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION.

"yeah but unchartedzzz was gamez of the centuryz" lol

n4g doesnt equal the gaming world..

ChrisW2368d ago

"Whether artificially or organically influenced, celebrities who may or may not know two shits about video games publishing a 140 character paragraph about a video game will open the market to 3,000,000 fans that may or may not know two shits about video games."

Did anyone understand this run-on sentence?!?

Dac2u2368d ago

@ChrisW: The sentence is referring to celebs using Twitter to advertise for MS. The author was saying that whether the celebs are being paid or not, they're still advertising for MS.

@Blogz4Fanboyz: You've missed the point of the article(unless you're commenting on another post?). The author is explaining his thoughts on why PS3 exclusives don't sell as well as the 360's; not that PS3 exclusives are superior.

Personally, I think he's right, MS markets their products far better than Sony. It reminds me of the "everyone wants to be 19" marketing campaign for the original Playstation. I watched a show about awhile back about the way they marketed the PS1. They figured that everyone young and old secretly wanted to be 19 years old and they marketed the PS that way. They crushed Nintendo, who continued to go after the younger audience.

Ju2368d ago

death2smoochie made a very valid statement. We saw it before. It is the marketing (so much, that at one time Apple actually went out of its way to have a specific counter-marketing campaign - this here is no difference).

MS does what it does best. Play the money game, and marketing is a key factor here.

Strategies are different. MS focuses on 2-3 franchises, yet Sony as a publisher is constantly in the top ten while MS does its yearly revenue when their big hitters release. Comparing overall publishing volumes of both would be interesting.

That said, obviously, MS can focus on those certain franchises and the impact is a broader recognition for those brands. Its a smart strategy. Eventually it breaks down to numbers and not so much if we, the fans, have a discussion why one game sells more than the other. Overall portfolio (in $$) is much more relevant.

And besides that, I think Sony's exclusives sell pretty good. I don't know why selling around the 2M mark is considered bad these days. It is usually beaten by 2 or 3 franchises (or 5 tops).

What is somehow weird, from a fan base, is that I still wonder how PS3 titles are constantly getting talked down (even from PS3 fans) while I hardly see that from 360 fans. Nobody would ever complain about G3 not fulfilling its promise. If you do that, I guess you'd not be part of the "in crowd" any more, I suspect (well, I think it is part of pop culture here). I totally think R3 can hold up against the title, yet you can start counting the disagrees I will get for this statement.

Anon19742368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

I think this article is off base. It's not celebrity, or pop culture, it's demographics. The PS3 has a much more diverse base.

When we look at software sales from the developers perspectives, looking at companies like EA, Ubisoft, Take Two, Activision, etc - what we see is the PS3 and 360 usually no more than a couple of percentage points away from each other when it comes to total revenue. So is COD selling more on the 360 because of celebrity endorsements? Of course not.

You just have to look at the broader picture of genre performance across the consoles to see your answer. Games like LittleBigPlanet and Heavy Rain did fantastic on the PS3 for example while hyped and excellently reviewed games like Alan Wake struggled on the 360, and platformers can't seem to find a hold. Yet everyone rushes out to buy Gears of War (and rightly so, in my opinion)

Is that because of celebrity and the impact of pop culture? Well yes, but only because those two things matter more to the core demographic of 360 owners. At the end of the day a platformer like LittleBigPlanet isn't going to sell on the 360, even with the endorsement of a rapper or popular celeb - because that's not the type of title that interests the majority of 360 owners. And that's why Killzone/Uncharted/Resistance is never going to see quite the types of numbers that Gears will delivery, because there's simply more players on the PS3 looking to buy rpg's, or racers, or family games, or fighting games, etc. It's all about the demographics, and those demographics don't share the same buying habits.

Edit: Look at death2smoochie above claiming it's not demographics and evidence supports this. What evidence? Got a link? How about you use common sense along with the evidence available?

When a game like Tales of Xillia sells half a million in Japan in a week on the PS3 when 360 JRPG's are stillborn - isn't that because of the demographic? When a game like LittleBigPlanet can hit 4.5 million on the PS3 while 360 platformers struggle to break 500k in their lifetime - isn't that due to demographics? When Alan Wake after the hype machine and advertising barely breaks one million while Heavy Rain with next to zero ads breaks two million, isn't that demographics? And when a game like Gran Turismo 5 outsells a Forza 3 by nearly 2 million - you can seriously look me in the eye and say "It's all marketing! Demographics is a myth!"?

And the biggest piece of evidence, How about the fact that the majority of PS3 are owned outside of the US while the majority of 360's are owned in the US? Do you really expect us to believe that Japanese and European tastes and buying habits are the same as US tastes and buying habits, and that differences in software sales all simply come down to marketing?

Of course it's demographics. Don't be obtuse.

BlmThug2368d ago

Not everyone buys exclusives. Nearly all buy multiplatform games

JokesOnYou2368d ago

This is one of the few times I agree with darkride, except about Alan Wake being hyped, sire on n4g because the graphics/lighting was impressive, really overall it was an excellent game but micro never really advertised for AW like other past exclusives, if you look back even many pn n4g wrre wondering about the lack of ads for AW....but yes everthing else I would agree with, most 360 owners wouldnt care about lbp, heavy rain, yakuza etc, its true for most I know, Im the most diverse gamer of anybody I know personaly, still didnt like most of ps3 lineup this(btw didnt like 360's lack of my type of exclusives the better part of this year)= demographics is key.

Ju2368d ago

@darkride, of course demographic plays a significant role here. But in that respect also the product placement and with it the marketing to target a specific group, where MS is master in. Neither Halo nor Gears (and the other few) would be there without a focused marketing campaign - which also helped to create and shape the demographic for a (maybe stereotypical?) xbox customer.

EVILDEAD3602368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

As I said before, I agree that the author is barking up the wrong tree in regards to sales. but, at the same time people like Dark ride, who try to box both PS3 and 360 gamers into some fan kid console war fantasy simply isnt close to the truth either. As with his past comments, He would like you to believe that the 'fans' are so different, based on the 'games' that are released.

'So is COD selling more on the 360 because of celebrity endorsements? Of course not'

Sure, shooters are definately huge on the 360 , but to pretend that the PS3 install base as a whole, isn't into shooters is simply not fact .Take the 360 out of the equation, Call of Duty is the number 1, 2, and 5 all-time selling game on the PS3. So, if the installs were so different, this clearly wouldn't be the case.

'Games like LittleBigPlanet and Heavy Rain did fantastic on the PS3 for example while hyped and excellently reviewed games like Alan Wake struggled on the 360, and platformers can't seem to find a hold.'

Cmon, folks let's keep it real, are we honestly going to pretend that Little Big Planet and Heavy Rain had zero hype or excellent reviews? Are we going to really keep calling a 3rd person survival horror game the same genre as Heavy Rain?

The funny part is Alan Wake is story driven survival horror game that had the unfortunate pleasure of releasing the same day as Red Dead Redemption. Alan Wake wasn't the center of some major marketing campaign outside of the internet. At the end of the day, we all know what 360 owners chose in droves and as it turned out was the game of the year.

'When a game like Tales of Xillia sells half a million in Japan in a week on the PS3 when 360 JRPG's are stillborn - isn't that because of the demographic?'

So wait, now we are using a Japanese RPG, ONLY released in Japan as an example of the 360 JRPG being stillborn? The world knows that the 360 install base in Japan is non-existant, but it still didn't stop Final Fantasy from selling 1.8 million copies with no support from Japan. It still didn't stop both Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon from selling 800,000 a piece.

But, the reason Dark Ride used JRPGs is because he doesn't want to reveal the whole picture. Final Fantasy is the number one selling RPG on the PS3, but look at the rest of the top 5. Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls, Fallout: Vegas, and Dragon Age. Since, it's all about sales for Dark ride, every single one of those games sold more on the 360. While Fable 2, Fable 3, and Mass Effect all were successful RPgs on the 360, of which you can't show an exclusive RPG on the PS3 that has outsold the Fable franchise.

'And the biggest piece of evidence, How about the fact that the majority of PS3 are owned outside of the US while the majority of 360's are owned in the US?'

Correct, But if you look at the true breakdown of both consoles, for the PS3 Europe and America are within 10% of the console base. So to pretend that 20 million American PS3s sold vs. 25 European PS3s sold isnt anything to sneeze at it is silly.

I'll say it again, there are many factors that you can use on a case-by-case basis on why certain games sell more than others, but the truth is every 360 game doesnt sell well and neither does the PS3.

At the end, of the day gamers are gamers no matter what console they own. We all have personal preferences, but the console war only divides the internet, but in the real world we simply all love this great hobby.


Kurt Russell2368d ago

Nah... I'm going with the Gears 3 is the best game option, it's so very very good; I've never been so impressed with a games full package.

jadenkorri2368d ago

I'm not a drone that goes out and buys Resistance 3 or Gears 3 cause said celebrity got it too. I'll buy if the game is good. If your life revolves around getting said game cause this celebrity has it, you should really rethink your life.

No Way2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Whaaaaaaat? What does exclusives (or how many) have to do with anything?
Call of Duty games on PS3 sells boat loads, even more than the exclusives..

The amount of exclusives doesn't really have much to do with it.
I agree with most here, that it has a lot to do with demographics.

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Gray-Fox-Type02369d ago ShowReplies(1)
Megaton2369d ago

Mostly PR. The abundance of PS3 exclusives compared to 360 exclusives might also have something to do with it. Most people can only afford a couple new games a year. It's mostly because of the PR gap, though.

Microsoft has spend billions, literally, on name recognition through advertising, TV/movie references, and celebrity endorsement. It has definitely paid off for them, because the 360 is now the trendy console. Plenty of people just see the ad blitz and pickup the big game of the moment. They've got pop culture uber-consumers in their base, as well as gamers.

It's good for Microsoft's bottom line, but I dunno if it's positive or negative for gaming culture as a whole. A lot of quality IP's have been ignored as a result of the "success through ad oversaturation" model that Microsoft utilizes.

I've gotta believe that Sony has a genuine passion for games, owning as many studios as they do. I don't know if that same passion is there at Microsoft. It seems like just another business venture for them. Some people wanna see the PS3 fail and Sony close up shop. I don't think they realize how devastating that would be for the industry moving forward.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

"Most people can only afford a couple new games a year."

Oh, come on. If it is so how can they afford a new console/handheld? An iPhone? iPad? A PC? There are so many examples I could do ...

2369d ago
Tito082368d ago

@ Seventh_Blood_Reborn- A phone, a tablet & a PC are more necessary in a daily basis than game consoles/handhelds, so you think it's fair every gamer buy all the games at once & end up broke when you never know if those same gamers have to pay for electricity, gas, rent, car insurance and school...I would like to buy every single game if I have the luxury, but I have more things that are a lot more important than just playing videogames!!!!!!

Life isn't a videogame my friend!!!!!

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

@ Tito08:

You can buy a cell phone that does properly what you need ( comunication with everyone you need ) with less then 50 Euros.
You can' t buy an iPhone for around 500 Euros and than complain you have no money for more than 2 games per year ( if you say that you really like videogmaes, of course ) ... That' s ridiculous.

99% of the people I know buys iPhone ( please keep in mind that this is just an example ) and similiar things just because it' s cool to show it around. They barely know how to use the 10% of the potential of this device.

I, as almost everyone else, have a limited budget, and games are not the priority at all.
I just have a current gen console in fact.

But I prefer to buy games ( that I consider -most of the times- experiencies, like movies books music and so on that can also provide some artistical value ) then an ultra-expensive-semi-useful cell phone to look cool in my friends eyes.

"Life isn't a videogame my friend!!!!!"

Yup, this is the same with cars, 60" HDTV, tablets, famous branded clothes ( ... ).

Tito082368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

@Seventh_Blood_Reborn-Still made my point, you pay for videogames for fun, as a hobby, not a necessity... I know ppl that buys iphone for a ridiculous price just to make themselves look nice & still don't know a thing about it & I agree with you, but it's first & foremost a phone, a car is necessary if you have your license to get a certain job & as a form of transportation....

HDTVs(if you want your HD games to look good, you still need an HD TV) aren't that expensive anymore, & there are ppl still watching the news, tablets are already like laptops, & I could careless about famous branded clothes when I could get something better for cheaper to go to a job interview, at a date or at the clubs, I don't buy names!!!!

Videogames aren't a necessity, it's only a hobby, same with movies, only ones that finds videogames as a necessity are game developers & publishers!!!!

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Dark_king2369d ago

I believe its all about the marketing.However the question is who makes more money selling their games.MS spends tons of money advertising making the break even point much higher then Sony's.Sony has always counted on word of mouth to sell more then advertising.So Sony doesn't have high first week numbers but they do have high lifetime numbers.Its also untrue that PS3 gamers don't buy games the attach rates are near equal now.

JokesOnYou2369d ago

Marketing can only take you so far, for example I saw plenty of ads everywhere for R3 but sales didn't explode...seen plenty of ads for Samsung Galaxy, and other tablets competing with ipad....seen many ads awhile back for micro's kin products, and on and on...yet all those products had different levels of success but they obviously won't compete with Gears, Apple products etc, the thing those products lack is the "it" factor, it doesn't have that broad appeal, will that change, yeah things change but its going to take alot of hardwork and a consistent string of quality products to overtake a dominant brand or franchise.

maniacmayhem2369d ago


GT5 is the highest selling exclusive this gen.

Dark_king2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

@Mgs4isOverrated mentioning MAG as a bad game shows you know nothing MAG is the best FPS I have played this generation.Its a real battle not some little shoot out game.

Lair to was a decent game but peoples lack of wanting to learn to do something a different way hurt it.The sixaxis work very well if you took time to learn to use them.The story was good,graphics were great for there time and the map size an amount going on.
@JokesOnYou You seen plenty of ads huh I still haven't seen one.An how many Geow 3 ads you seen 20-1 30-1 me its about 100-0.That level of marketing will drive sell but it also mean you have to sell more to break even.

Tr10wn2368d ago


Erm wrong? unless you are talking about PS3 only, but you are totally wrong

Halo 3 11.32 million worldwide vs GT5 6.50 millions world wide, Forza 3 is near GT5 with 4.95 millions.

Drekken2368d ago

JokeisYOU, if you think that R3 sales stop at 300k especially with the holiday season coming up then you are more of a joke then you come off as.

Give your antics a rest.

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Jamzluminati2369d ago ShowReplies(4)
Persistantthug2369d ago

If the XBOX 360 exclusive isn't named Halo(s), then they sell exactly the same as the PS3 exclusves.

In fact, PS3 sells slightly more....not by much, but slightly.

SuperBeast8112369d ago

Really now? LOL where do you get your info oh wise one?Because I tend to disagree The only PS3 game that has sold more than gears is GT5 and thats is about 6 million right now good sales yes but hardly record breaking GT3 A SPEC sold over 14 Million so the hightest selling Sony game is on the decline

Persistantthug2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Gran Turismo 5....6.3 million ( )

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue....5.2 million ( )

Metal Gear Solid 4....5+ million ( )

You should keep in mind that MGS4 reached that pinnacle in's probably closer to 6 million by now.

You should also keep in mind that Gran Turismo 5 hasn't even reached its 1 year release date (anniversary) mark yet.

Just sayin.

Legion2369d ago

Lets see the links and data to prove this point. I am willing to listen but you need to show me some factual representation of this. (and don't just take 2 games and compare them... doesn't work that way)

Legion2369d ago


Why did you claim 5+ million for MGS 4 and then link to an article showing only 706,461 copies sold? At least supply a link that helps to make your point.

And then you link to the same data that showed GTA 5 as selling a lot but that only justifies the statements made by SuperBeast811, when he said that GT5 is the the only game that has sold more then Gears. I guess what we fail to realize is that GT5: Prologue was basically a beta that was sold to the fans in anticipation of GT5. Talk about raping your customers. Selling them a copy of the beta!

Persistantthug2368d ago

As far as your comment towards GT5: Prologue....I guess PS3 users love their GRAN TURISMO.....Kinda like XBOX 360 fans love their HALO(s)....remember Halo: ODST?

Just sayin. ;)

Tito082368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

@ Legion- GT5 was more than just a demo, & it only was priced at $40 when Halo ODST was a supposed DLC with a very old multiplayer for $60, just saying!!!!

BTW, Alan Wake hardly did well, it was very much hyped, but got outsold by Heavy Rain!!!!!!

memots2368d ago

Yes Legion let all talk sales because its so important.

Me ill get back to reading what up in the gaming world instead of talking of sales here.

And please don't reply some stupid shit like. "duh then why reply in comment article about sales" the article got me interested but the level of comment and stupid replies here are astounding. On that note ... Going back to main page and find more interesting article about GAMING .. not SALES

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Jocosta2369d ago

So was that the case last generation when the Ps2 was synonymous with "gaming console"? Not being a smartass just seriously wondering on what your take on it was.

Peaceful_Jelly2369d ago

When GeoW came out lots of people on my facebook were talking about how exited they were about going to the midnight release of the game but if I were to write anything similar about any other game than Halo, COD or GeoW people would call a dork and a geek and stuff. Believe me I have already done it when Uncharted 2 came out.

Even girls on my facebook that I didn't even know that game were writing messages about how exited they were about GeOW and I was like... Since when?

showtimefolks2369d ago

but i am a pure playstation FAN. while i do like many exclusives on xbox360.

when a exclusive launches on ps3 most gamers don't run to the store to get it because there are so many to choose from so one doesn't sell 8 million but 4 will sell 2 plus million or more.

Look at heavy rain 2 plus million
alan wake not even a million?

ps3 gamers have a diverse choice and tatse in gaming while xbox360 in my opinion is the best console for shooters.

SuperBeast8112369d ago

Kinda funny you chose those two to compare hey let me try
Look at fable 2 over 3 million
Socom 4 not even a million?
LOL see I can do comparisons that dont make sense too

Hicken2368d ago

Only the Heavy Rain/Alan Wake comparison DOES make sense, as HR was all AW got compared to before- and after- its release. They're also both very niche titles, and weren't that far apart in release dates.

Do you have another game similar to Heavy Rain on 360 that's been out about as long?

You don't. Alan Wake is the closest you get. Likewise, Heavy Rain is the closest to Alan Wake that you'll get on PS3. They're just a few months apart in release date, but their sales numbers are pretty different.

ljh2172369d ago

I like Xbox exclusives.

JellyJelly2368d ago

The majority of N4G doesn't. :)

gogospeedracer2369d ago

This is definitely a trolling article.

Live is better. Honesty people
Resistance isn't bad but not great.
Gears is great.

Silly gameAr2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Nice opinions. Thing about opinions though? They go both ways.

gogospeedracer2369d ago

Not opinions mate when honesty is involved. Just keeping it real.

rjdofu2369d ago

@gogospeedracer: honestly, that's just your opinion. See what i did there?

jessupj2369d ago

Dedicated servers > P2P

And that's a fact

Give me PSN any day.

Clarence2368d ago

I agree Gears is better than R3, but thats not a fair comparison. Now compare Gears to Uncharted.

Blogz4Fanboyz2368d ago

thing is jesup, there are far more games on the psn that run peer2peer than on dedicated servers.

you guys are on a different planet

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fr0sty2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Some good points made. MS does know how to get the mass market appeal, however this really has only proven to help them in the USA. They still fall behind in the other markets, and no American hip hop star is going to fix that. Not to say that the Xbox games don't sell themselves, but you can't deny that Xbox's massive presence in American media has definitely been much larger than the PS3's has, and this has brought more awareness of Xbox than PS3 has enjoyed. USA's sales reflect that. Xbox has seen everything from MTV to Cirque du Soleil to Oprah. PS3 hasn't had any of that. Outside the USA however, the playing field is leveled much more, and in Japan tips extremely heavily in Sony's favor.