DualShockers Review: Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

Justin Hutchison of DualShockers writes: "The Disgaea series has always been about the balance between the player’s strategical skills and attempts at logic versus the game’s inherent chaos and abundance of systems. The latest entry in the series continues in the path of the franchise, adding new systems, perfecting old ones, continuing to work on improving that balance. Disgaea 4 succeeds at that, more so than any other entry in the series."

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disturbing_flame2344d ago

One of the greatest Tactical JRPG ever. And the best since years. Great game, must buy on PS3.

TopDudeMan2344d ago

I want it but I only recently got into disgaea 3. I got it cheap because I wanted to prepare for 4 but there's so much to do it's unbelievable. I'll be getting 4 without a doubt.

disturbing_flame2344d ago

Right 3 is really good; with the last episode we have a more polished game with a better scenario,if you love the third you'll enjoy as well this episode.

Prepare for 150 hours of pure japan freakness dood.

Ramas2344d ago

I so want it! when it comes to europe?

TopDudeMan2343d ago

You can import it now (expensive) or wait the 11th of november, dood.

Ramas2343d ago

you sure they release it nov 11? or retailers just guessing? couse it would be prety bad day to release game, when there is uncharted 3, assassins creed and many other games on same week.

TopDudeMan2343d ago

Yeah november 11th in europe. Or so amazon says.