Pre-Order Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 And Get COD 4 For Free

Steam offering Call of Duty 4 with Modern Warfare 3 pre-order

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Relientk772523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

That is pretty cool considering Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is by far the best Call of Duty, IMO, even though I believe alot of people pre-ording Modern Warfare 3 already have it.

TopDudeMan2523d ago

Lol, everyone's gonna do that then realise that CoD4 is actually better. Well, it's a good deal if you know you're gonna get it anyway but if you haven't played CoD4 by now where have you been, really?

blumatt2523d ago

Yeah, better. CoD4 is the best CoD game so far. I'll wait and see before judging MW3, but I have a feeling it's still not gonna be as good as CoD4.

TopDudeMan2523d ago

I'm saying its probably a better game than MW3 will be. I might be wrong, but CoD4 was my favourite in the serious and they'll do well to beat it.

NarooN2522d ago

CoD4 is easily the best CoD game, but anyone with sense will never play MW3 again if they touch CoD4 without having played it before.

Deeke2519d ago

At first I read this wrong: I thought it said you'd get MW4 for free instead of CoD4, heh.