Battlefield - Forget Your K/D and Play The Objective

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm really excited to see this trend catching on more and more in my gaming sessions of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and maybe even more importantly, in the YouTube community." MP1st

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Hufandpuf2525d ago

I agree, I'd very much rather they keep K/D out of the match leaderboards and keep them as personal stats.

Criminal2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Yes exactly, for non-TDM gamemodes, K/D plays a very minor role. It shouldn't be on the leaderboards.

@Wenis well, I see what you're saying, but new players don't get that. Personally, I play the objective then look at my K/D, but others might not go about it in this order.

Wenis2525d ago

I disagree. Its always interesting to see how many kills & deaths people get in a match. Showing a K/D on the scoreboard isn't going to make people play for only a K/D... people that do play with concern about their K/D will still play the same regardless of whether it is shown on the scoreboard or not.

Max Power2525d ago

That was one of the things I enjoyed about BF:BC2 was at the end of the round (Rush mostly for me) you just saw a overall score which could have been influenced by objective based performances as well as kills and vehicle kills.

Spenok2524d ago

I completely agree. I was actually just talking about this very thing the other day with a friend.

About how when playing CoD or most FPS' i tend to worry about my KD. However, when playing BF i dont really care, its much more about going for the objective (or defending it in some cases), and more importantly, enjoying myself while playing the. And careing about KD later.

Its funny, i tend to have a KD in most games of 1.6-2.3 depending on the game, but in BF im sitting pretty at 1.17 atm lol. Then again im usually the one running at the objective rambo style trying to activate/destroy it.

Man i love BF, and cant WAIT for BF3

Xalaris2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

I don't particularly use K/D to judge whether a player is good or not, but it does come in handy for getting to know where one comes from regarding their skill level AS LONG AS they've put enough hours into the game. It isn't exactly accurate using it for new players within a certain title since it usually has nothing to do with their abilities, typically due to unknown maps, unbalanced teams, skill stacking or bad luck.

In my case, I remember when my K/D ratio was like 0.4 on BFBC2 when I first started playing... now it's 1.16 c:

OT: Yeah, I agree. K/D ratios shouldn't be everywhere. That way we can keep the COD fags uninterested.

M-M2524d ago

That's exactly what I'm saying. I like seeing players who have great K/Ds because they play the objective. True beasts.

SkylineR2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Nothing I hate more than players who go into an OBJECTIVE BASED game type, only to worry about themselves and their precious k/d ratio. "It's ok guys, I'll stay back and guard our spawn point while the objective is all the way across the map..."

Edit: Maybe DICE should have separate k/d ratios for different game types. That way people can play properly?

SilentNegotiator2524d ago

People will make a big deal out of their K/D ratio in BF3 as always. Too many people would rather pump up their ego than really play the freaking game.

Heartnet2524d ago

Do you know whats even better than that :D when people get all pissy about it hahahahhahahahahahahah

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Philoctetes2525d ago

Excellent article. I especially like how the author contrasts the BF and CoD franchises without being a fanboy about it. Good job.

Mister_V2525d ago

Thank you sir! I really appreciate it. I do love both games, but play them for different reasons.

Dart892525d ago

I tend to do better when i play the objective than when i decide to run around like a chicken with no head.

BootHammer2525d ago

I couldn't agree more. Some gamers are absolutely obsessed with their K/D ratio stats and it can get old quickly. Keeping focused on the objectives and not your personal bragging rights is the way to play. Great article!

Mister_V2525d ago

I know I fell in that trap for a while, but Battlefield was my saviour! Thanks for reading!

princejb1342524d ago

yes when i play cod my team mates always bragging about k/d
and is funny how i only play for fun and my k/d is higher than theirs

Rampaged Death2525d ago

This applies to all objective games. It really annoys me when people are going for kills instead of the objective.

kikizoo2525d ago

It's easy to have a good K/D ratio, when others are running like crazy to win the game, and you, are hidden somewhere = shame.

the solution is simple : give more points for objectives, give X2 for the team who whin, and you 'll never again see the donkey players on the field.

achmetha2525d ago

Exactly what i was thinking. Though i think there should be more ways to get the pts too. Like sub objectives i guess. Sticking together or giving a teammate a boost over a wall to sneak in through the " backdoor".

execution172525d ago

it makes it more annoying when complain about losing afterwards... >.> like they were much help with attacking or defending the objectives

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