Top HD Remastered Titles You Need To Play

In the world of gaming, when new ideas are few you can always use the old ones. This is surly the trend happening now that everything from Resident Evil to Halo is going through a remastering. The success of HD remakes has more and more developers jumping on board with the idea of reselling the old games at an almost new price. An excellent business idea for sure, as most who take on the task of adding some higher resolution textures to their games oftentimes make a nice return on their investments. Not that were are against capitalism, but we thought it would be a good idea to list the best remakes hitting stores this year.

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Hitman07692560d ago

These all look pretty great

just_looken2560d ago

they do except the list is missing tomb raider hd and the first god of war hd collection.

badz1492560d ago

but not so much TR. Sly collection is also a great deal and all 3 games with extra MOVE mini games @$40! the writer seems like just realized that HD collections exist as all games in the list are pretty recent! just remember that GoW pioneered the HD collection trend!

IM_A_NINJA2560d ago

Some of those aren't even out yet, how can we know what they will offer? I'm sure they will probably all be pretty good, but hard to say since they haven't come out yet.

gazgriff2k122560d ago

i don't need to do shit are you my judge?

Tr10wn2560d ago

so basically all the collections? the only ones i don't see is the silent hill and ZOE.

tarbis2560d ago

I already got GoW origins. Next, I'm getting ICO & Shadow collection next week.
Looking forward to MGS and ZOE collection.

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