Zero Punctuation: Dead Island Review

This week, Zero Punctuation returns to the zombie apocalypse, again, for Dead Island.

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TruthbeTold2558d ago

Once the first few minutes of pure hate against the genre passed, it was an acceptable review... It just begs the question: If you knew that you were going to hate this game, why review it? To me the impact of the opinions became watered down.

LOGICWINS2558d ago

You don't know much about Zero Punctuation reviews do you? Every review they do is a rant. Thats why its funny =)

AllroundGamer2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

its just fun dude... i really liked the game, and i still like these funny reviews just like the Angry Video Game Nerd :)

TruthbeTold2558d ago

Yeah, I've heard some of the stuff before. Don't mind the sarcasm, and like the humor. It just seemed like this one had a preface of hate.

TheKindRoost2558d ago

Overrated game is overrated. I don't see how is this game got so many high-score? sure it took the best elements from many other games before it, but the execution is mediocre at best. Design of the game is downright lazy and the game-play is horrible.

duger2558d ago

play it before posting your opinion. and the game is not overrated. it's an straight 8.0 game, and reviews are rather lower.

palaeomerus2558d ago

I had more fun playing Dead Island than watching this.

Spenok2558d ago

Lol awesome review as always. He pretty much nails everything about the game that makes you hate it, convieniently leaving out all that makes it great at the same time. Zero Punctuation? Keep up the great work! :D