Battlefield 3 beta: more details revealed

New details have emerged regarding the upcoming Battlefield 3 beta.

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red2tango2403d ago

Can't wait for September 27 :)

Ser2403d ago

Ditto! It couldn't come any sooner.

rfowler302403d ago

cant wait for september 27 either, gotta play bfbc2 to pass the time :(

red2tango2403d ago

Damn, I had to trade in BFBC2 and Undead Nightmare to get $50 towards BF3. I'm gameless atm.

Rearden2403d ago

So you only owned one game? ONE GAME?! You are not worthy of being on N4G!

red2tango2403d ago

That's two games. But I also traded in God of War 3 because I beat it and SOCOM Confrontation is worth 50 cents at EB Games. I am worthy of being on N4G, I'm just too broke not to trade in my games when I'm done with them. Life at university.

Cosmit2403d ago

Lmao 50 cents for Confrontation!?

Damn...i sorta liked that game.

Dojan1232403d ago

Wonder why they are not going to turn up the graphics (PC)for the beta. I would think they would want to test it. Or they are nervous some people will lag and think it is the game.

evrfighter2403d ago

You've seen the footage and read the spec requirements.

Of course people will lag and blame the game. they can't afford that at this point. As it stands I guarantee theres going to be 20 threads on how someones dual core can't run it but runs crysis flawlessly shame on dice.

Rearden2403d ago

They had limited destruction in alpha to test performance, I suppose they're doing the same for beta.

Hufandpuf2403d ago

"stats do not carry over" great, I didn't want to start with stuff unlocked too much anyway.

Rearden2403d ago

Was anyone expecting them to carry over?

jaredhart2403d ago

Game is looking AWESOME!

Plagasx2403d ago

Wtf? Why Rush only when the definitive mode is Conquest???