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Submitted by Pozzle 1603d ago | video

Hope Solo and Alex Morgan dance-off for video game commercial

The two most popular names in USA women’s soccer, Hope Solo and Alex Morgan were recently tabbed to do a commercial for the upcoming video game, “Just Dance Summer Party” for the Nintendo Wii.

To note, this isn’t the most high-budget of video game commercials as it appeared to be either shot through a web-cam or appeared that Morgan/Solo shot it themselves.

However, if you want to see them dance to the awesome happy-tempo beat in the new mode called “Futebol Crazy”, this is the commercial for you. (Just Dance: Summer Party, Wii)

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FalconR289  +   1603d ago
Hold the phone.... Are you telling me... That there's a USA woman's soccer team? I didn't even know that.

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