Why aren't there any civilians in military video games?

The first answer's obvious - so you can't shoot them and games aren't pilloried as awful murder simulators. But doesn't a game world in which everything you kill is an enemy, and therefore deserving, tacitly reinforce the idea that lethal force is always OK?

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ATi_Elite2560d ago

HEY Michael Thomsen (writer of this post)! why don't you put a good video card in that PC you used to write this article then go buy ArmaII and play it. There you will find many a civilian in ArmaII which is the ultimate military shooter. Just don't shoot them unless they shoot at you, wouldn't wanna be court marshaled for breaking the Geneva Conventions.

In ArmaIII the civilian role is even more integrated as you rely on them for information and in both games they are every where.

Besides I watch a lot of WWII footage and I never notice civilians just hanging out watching the death and destruction drinking tea as they are too busy hiding for their lives.

Caleb_1412560d ago

Should put a space between 'Arma' and 'II' - when I was reading that I was just thinking

"What the f**k is Armall?"

No Way2560d ago

O.O .. Same here, dude.

ATi_Elite2560d ago

LOL..... My Bad!!!

Arma II

SignifiedSix2559d ago

Lmao, same here man. Kinda had a brainfart until i read your comment. xD

MariaHelFutura2560d ago

A war wouldn't be a war without a few civilian casualties.

dirthurts2560d ago

You would feel differently if you knew one of those casualties.

stevenhiggster2560d ago

Sadly Maria is right though. I don't imagine there has ever been a war without some civilian casualties.
Just another sad fact of war.

Jormungandr2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

As to WW2... the civilians weren't on the front lines... except when the front line came to them... then they were all over the place.

If the town or village was being shelled they would hide in their basements... but if there were troups approaching the city as another group of troups retreated some would try to flee the city in the confusion.

But that wasn't ever shown in the ww2 footage because... if you will remember... the footage was being used for propaganda in the states. This came back to bite the US military in the ass during Vietnam when the footage wasn't carefully controlled and every one got to see what war is really like. Certainly not the whole story in why the Vietnam war was so unpopular... but definitely a major contributing factor.

War is hell... and more importantly... chaotic. It happens where it happens... and the civilians who hide in their basements often get the crushed when the floors above collapsed... or robed and raped when the opposing side arrived to occupy the town. These games never show that part... because no one would want to play them. But those things were not occasional occurrences... they were the norm.

Say what you will about WW2... just don't try to claim the civilians weren't in the middle of the fighting. If they weren't then no body was.

badz1492560d ago

what were all those people in "no russians" in MW2 then? they are there and you MUST shoot them!

Somebody2560d ago

There have been civilians since the first Arma and they add a sense of realism that is absent in other games. Not sure about the Operation Flashpoint series (the classic, not the reboot). I think there are also civilians in the Delta Force : Black Hawk Down series. And they do make your job difficult since like in the real Somalia incident (i.e. based on the movie and news reels), they tend to stand around and taunt you while similarly dressed guys with RPGs and AKs follow your Humvee convoy. As was it due to the crappy AI?

There are instances of civilians in Modern Warfare 2 but their presence is brief and soon disappear.

Yes civilians tend to hide whenever there's a war going on but there sure are very little refugees seen fleeing the war zone. No huge column of people moving away from their former homes or war lord mobs running the streets.

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J86blum2560d ago

Why you no like bloodlust!??!

FEARprototype2560d ago

even if there is, i won't shot!

CaptainMarvelQ82560d ago

Why are people so obsessed with killable civilians and little kids(Skyrim)? I mean of course,maybe killing one of them and then teabagging them may add some sense of realism that gets old very quick.But it's not like the whole game is dependent on that-very small segment of the game.

No Way2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

It adds to the game. Minor details add a LOT to a game, civilians would be nice.
Even games such as Madden .. you don't 'need' a referee, but it makes it more 'real.'
It just doesn't seem right to play a football game, and not see a referee around, eh?

Someone did make a point though, civilians won't be just chilling around war zones.
But, to have civilians hiding around the city could add for different game play, too.
Such as being in a huge fire fight, in a city, running into a building for some cover.
Just to come to find out, that there are civilians hiding, do you shoot or not shoot?

And, it's not like they couldn't punish you, and force respawn, for killing civilians..
Most games such as this will punish you if you kill one of your squad members.
Of course, though, I would think, they would have to give you some kind of warning.
Cause it coulda been an accident shooting the civilian; unlike with a squad member.
Assassins Creed does well with killing civilians. Forces respawn if you kill too many.

TheDivine2560d ago

Yea in mw2 spec ops theres the mission in a town where the enemies are mixed in with civilians and you get like 5 civilian deaths before you lose. It adds alot to the map because you cant rambo everyone you have to stop and make sure theyre enemies. Some look like civilians but then they shoot you, its realistic and wouldnt be as good without that element. All military shooters should have civilians if its in a city.

MariaHelFutura2560d ago

Why not? I'll kill an avatar of any race, species, age, gender, infection or planet any day of the week. Anything genocider here, I hate all avatars equally.

ATi_Elite2560d ago

Do you Hate your own Avatar?

If not then your statement is false and if you do hate your own Avatar....well then you need therapy!!

Catch-22 lol

nickjkl2560d ago

same reason why they have toruble with killing zombie kids in a movie

exept in walking dead first zombie killed was a child

Jack_DangerousIy2560d ago

Also they killed a child(with an axe I believe) in 30 Days of Night. I hated seeing it(no one wants to see a child killed) but it was realistic and appropriate to the story. I suggest anyone who hasn't seen that movie to watch it. Awesome ending if you aren't one of those people who refuse to admit having any emotions. ;)

telekineticmantis2560d ago

for some of us, there's a difference between the feeling you get watching Rambo and watching actual people, regular everyday humans get shot. Some of us winse at the thought so devs probably aren't always as eager to portray that.

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