PS3 Celebrates its First Birthday, 5.6 Million Sold

Sony's little baby turns one. The PS3 has been crawling along, but can it walk or maybe even run? Sony is still aiming for 11 million units sold this fiscal year with 160 new games.

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wil4hire4046d ago

5.6 nice..

1 more year at that same rate would be 11.2 million. We all know it will sell more due to more exclusive games and content..

But it is very interesting to see that the gameless ps3 performed just as well as the 360 in its second year run.

the 360 did 12-16 million in 2 years.

I understand everyone expected to dominate within the first year. But its hardly tanking, unless some how.. selling the same amount that the 360 did in 1 year is tanking..

unlimited4046d ago

The 360 sold barely 13 million in two years..The PS3 with a high price marked on it is able to sell close to 6 million in one year which is great. I see them selling another 2-3 million this holiday world wide..I see even more sales climbing when MGS4 hits the PS3 March of 0.8. Also there are many big title games coming in 2008 only for PS3..Its going to be big year for Sony they might even pass the 360..

The PS3 isn't out the race yet.

TheMART4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

You forgot a couple of things there.

The Playstation brand SHOULD sell more. Just because it has 120 mln. PS2's out there and the brand is supposed to be so strong.

Thus, selling about the same as the 360, isn't good enough. Therefore the sales ARE dissapointing.

Another fact is that the PS3 did great at launches, especially in Europe, but after that the sales dropped. We can say: PS diehards bought the hardware to any price, but constant sales are on a too low number.

Also important: Sony believed they could have outsold the 360 in no time. They certainly didn't.

When we look at the current sales numbers, in USA the 360 sold about 550k the last two months per month, while the PS3 sold 100 to 130k in those same months, how is the PS3 every gonna catch up with that 8 mln. units behind the 360?

The 360 is gaining momentum and is moving into the position the PS2 was last gen. Largest installed base, most 3rd party support, more gamer out there buying games = more interesting for dev's.

This Christmas the 360 is supposed to outsell the PS3 2:1. Which means another million more to catch up to in USA alone. That's INSANE.

So yeah. Selling the same only in year one as the 360 did, isn't tanking for the 360, but it IS tanking for the PS3. The 360 was gaining and advantage, 6 mln. to catch up to to start with. Even if it only sold 4 mln. it wasn't tanking. All was gaining in front of the PS3 launch.

@ Unlimited (above)

"The 360 sold barely 13 million in two years.."

Wrong. It sold 12 million units somewhere this summer. It sold about 550k in USA alone in September, another 530k alone in USA in October. Add to that the rest of the world for another what, 300k a month. That's 850+830k and the real birthday of the 360 is at the end of november. So another 600k at least may be added to that. so about 2.3 mln. on top of that 12 mln. and it's well on it's way to have sold 14.5 mln. units in 2 year.

mighty_douche4046d ago

getting a little hot under the coller mart?

riqued4046d ago

80% of those 120mln people with a PS2 are going to move to a PS3, that's how strong the brand is.
When they change to next-gen the PS3 will have plenty of attractive games plus a cheaper price.
Xbox 360 will have nothing new to add, no Halo, nothing. PS3 has brand name and great exclusives.

TheMART4046d ago


Wrong again. Those 80% that own the PS2 are price buyers. Called Laggards in the buying proces of electronics. Buying a console that's on 200 Euro/Dollar first.

The 360 will be on that pricelevel sooner then the PS3. Already I have heard many people that owned a PS2 before, that bought a 360 this gen. Have you done a survey that shows 80% of those 120 mln. will buy it? Well?

unlimited4046d ago

Wrong 13 million in 2 years..Even Microsoft even admit it..

The PS3 did just as good as the 360 in its first year..

riqued4046d ago

If they care about price and don't care about brand why aren't they trying to buy a Wii. For them that must be the same thing, right?
No, wrong.
What they are thinking is that they are having fun with their PS2 and that will last for a while and then they must choose a console. The console they will choose is the one with good exclusives, good price and reliability.
Not only reliability of hardware, but they know the PS has give them a lot and they will trust in the PS3

MikeGdaGod4046d ago

i just picked up Uncharted and its GREAT!!!!

mesh14046d ago

lets not forget most ppl didnt buy a 360 1st year i was won as i was waiting for the ps3 as i thought it was a much better machine than the 360 but after both were realsed i go tmy 360 like 4 months ago and was actually suprised at the machine so the 360 is doing very very well tbh but why shud i say this whemn its clear to see

macalatus4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

To all Sony supporters, I hate to say this but I agree with Mart about the 360 numbers...the numbers which is probably partially due to people buying 360s AGAIN to replace their "RROD"-ed 360s!!

lawman11084045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

The Software scene is a NIGHTMARE...... 360 OUT SELLS PS3 40 to 1 !!!!

So you understand what that means, if you buy ONE copy of a game for the PS3 ...40 people buy it for the 360


Lifendz4045d ago

C'mon man. The system came out a full year after the competition AND it came out with a much higher price point. Brand alone will not carry you under those circumstances. In fact, I'd argue that it's because of the PS brand that the system even did the numbers it did in year one. Let's face it, it went against Gears, multi-plats usually looking better on 360, game delays, lost exclusives, and it still didn't tank. Stop trying to spin this as negative news for Sony.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4046d ago

that site has ad ware and spyware.

dhammalama4046d ago

I don't think those numbers are right Says You.

gaffyh4045d ago

6 Million were the amount shipped at that time, 5.6 million have been sold to consumers now

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kss4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

happy birthday my sweet sweet precious baby darling...

i wrote you a little song to show you how much i love you.

who's the greatest console in the world, my ps3
who's the greatest thing in the world, my ps3
playing all day laughin all night, my ps3
all of those xbots looking at us with jealousy
dont worry baby they're getting an rrod

happy birthday baby and good night.

dexterwang4046d ago

Hahaha! totally can imagine cartmen singing that


sak5004046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Idiots like you are the reason sony sells its over hyped POS. They claim its a super duper uber computer system and you believe it. Cuz

BTW when is little kss coming out of ur ps3's drive?

dhammalama4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Hold on, I'll get some links to show you.

edit 1 - Ok, so here is the CELL BE (aka, the chip in the ps3), being used for realtime 3d medical imaging. watch it and see why it's super duper.

Edit 2 - This is [email protected] Have you heard of it? When you look at the numbers you might not understand whats going on - don't worry, you'll be ok - Just notice the active number of PC (windows) cpus, and the much smaller number of active ps3s. Now look at the number of TFLOPS, make any sense? No? Well, you tried.

Edit 3 - This guy created A cheaper alternative to a $5000 dollar supercomputer using ps3s so that he can run calculations on astrophysics --

So OK, it's NOT blue gene or anything like that, but it is pretty super duper.

unlimited4046d ago

LMAO ...At they are getting the RROD..I feel bad for them if they do end up getting it around Christmas time..They have to send it Microsoft and wait another month or two to get it back..

Imagine buying it on for your kids or friend for xmas and they open it up and set up the 360, and and turn it on and the red lights of death is flashing in front of their

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Retro-Virus4046d ago

"Ubisoft's Haze is the first title to be created on PS3 and ported to Xbox."

Thought Virtua-Fighter was the first game to do so.

Blackmoses4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

5.6 million is not bad at all, given all the negative press over cost and lack of games.

Microsoft sold 6 million units in it's first year, and had to battle the Red Rings of death fiasco. Which is admirable to say the least since it's still somewhat of an issue for them. Then to, they had no real competition except for the PS2 (which they have just started to out sell....I think?!)

Heres the link...

11 million units sold with a lower price and a better selection of games, should be fairly easy for them.
Selling 5.6 million units with competition from Nintendo, Microsoft and you might as well include themselves with the PS2. If you really look at all they went through over the course of the year....that's still pretty damn good. I'm impressed....I don't know about you guys.

And who knew Nintendo was going to be the next "must have" console of the three? Although I really don't see the appeal in it. The thrill was gone for me after about 3 hours. I haven't touched it since, at least till Super Mario Galaxy comes out.

Why do I get a disagree and kss (no offense bud!!) up above me doesn't for his comment. Is that not an actual Microsoft yearly earnings statement? Did I bash any of the other consoles in order to make another look better?

(walking away)
.........crazy fanboys

Sangheili854046d ago

Your comment was based on facts and nothing even came close to sounding like a fanboy comment. I'll agree i think Sony doing good considering the competition. I do however feel they are lower then what they expected and what the people expected considering the remarks by Sony. None the less they are doing good.

mesh14046d ago

WRONG the ps3 was the comsole most gamers were waiting for so when it came out there wa s amssive search for the ps3 even tho we knew nothing about its software think about it every last gen gamer had a ps2 sony was the omly true console game company most ppl knew inc me but know as the 360 is the lead console the ps3 will never catch up i can bet if the ps3 ever wins this console war i will never post here again

Sangheili854046d ago

Not to contradict what you said but i don't think the PS3 was the console most gamers were waiting for. I think that is the Wii.

As for the massive search for PS3's i don't know where you live buddy but here in the CA even when the PS3 launched you could walk into any store and buy one. I work at Best Buy and i have friends call me and ask me to hold a PS3 if and when we get them. I just responded with "We have a ton just come in"

Like i said the PS3 is doing good.
I don't think its doing as good as it should given its brand and popularity.

athlon7704046d ago

If the PS3 beats out the 360, Mesh will never post here again...I'm going out to buy 3 more PS3's, how 'bout the rest of ya...j/k Mesh, nothing but love for ya there bud!

Everyone has such high expectations of the PS3, it will be impossible for it to live up to the hype, the good thing is it is built very well, the tourture tests it has survived were cool to read about, and in the end it was the temp prob that did the system in. Those tests told me how well built this system is. Point of interest. Yesterday the 15th marked Microsofts "Live is 5" celabration, one of my co-workers was trying to join Halo3 with me for the multiplayer and his 360 kept locking up finaly getting the RROD. So he went out to Walmart and snatched up a Arcade version to get up and running. I have suggested it before, but just how many 360 owners have multiple 360's because of this...this makes his 4th 360 btw!

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