Believable female characters in Gears of War 3 were a necessary addition

VGW: If you’re one of the millions of people currently engrossed in Gears of War 3, you may have noticed the character landscape has shifted quite a bit, with female characters appearing quite prevalently in your party. Even Bernie, once only a staple from the novels, has made an appearance in the game. Believe it or not, Epic felt it was not only important to acknowledge the changing landscape of the world of Sera, they also wanted to acknowledge their growing female fanbase. Something which Cliff Bleszinski admits he doesn’t understand.

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Number_132522d ago

Then why didn't they add any?
Zing!! Lol I kid. Gears 3 is awesome. The most anticipated exclusive game.

omega272522d ago

i was fine with Anya but Sam came out of no where and it annoys me that it's Cole's voice actress from uncharted and she looks slightly the same as well as the attitude

Death2522d ago

Sam and Bernie are from the books. There are quite a few female characters besides these. Good reads if anyone is interested.