Gears of War 3 Glitch So Far

We love Gears of war 3 and we also love glitches , gears of war 3 first glitch so far after one day of release, falling off is quite common and we’ve seen many time but marcus is walking on water in this glitch

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just_looken2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

came out yesterday and today we have videos of glitch's and walking under the map ahh don't you like this gen. Good job cliffey b you got more $ for another avg title.

youtube search gears of war 3 glitches in 24hrs got 677 results.

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Machioto2497d ago

Every game has a glitch of sort but it only matters if the glitch affects gameplay.

MOTY2496d ago

Ya just like how Naught Dog released an average game with Uncharted 2 because of glitches.

And looks, PD released another average game because it has glitches.

Or look here, GG released average games as well because there are glitches in the game

You're a pathetic troll. Every game has glitches in it. It's a by-product of this generation. I remember playing Sonic on the Genesis and getting stuck in walls that shouldn't allow Sonic to get in.

Why o why2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Dedication, i bet your cape was blowing in the wind when you were researching and typing that out.... De de deeeer *hands on hips*

Lol, but yeah almost every game has some type of glitch or bug as they used to be called. Been around since spectrum days

Why o why2497d ago

i saw a glitch....i kept getting killed

Nykamari2496d ago

LOL!!!! I get those too!!!

M-Easy2497d ago

Why the hell do you love glitches?

gtk2497d ago

because its funny :P to watch them :D

sickpup2495d ago

Not only does it have glitches but the networking still sucks. I love how they track the disconnects for live games. My stats says 2 games played, 5 disconnects. Like those odds! Never had this problem with COD or Halo.