PS3 Attitude takes a peek at EA Sports’ exciting SSX reboot

Hands-on preview of the new SSX from PS3 Attitude.

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FunAndGun2558d ago

I am so tired of that word....reboot. Even more tired of the mediocre results of said reboot.

HaHa_Ostrich2558d ago

Agree, but so far SSX (and Tomb Raider) seems to be an exception. All the hands on previews were highly positive.

raWfodog2558d ago

I really hope they do this game justice. I've been waiting for a new SSX for a long time now and it's time has arrived.

SolDojo2558d ago

I have never played an SSX game, but I'm an avid snowboarder in real life (gasp!) and I'm really looking forward to this.

seanoc2558d ago

You won't find a better snowboarding game around. Only thing I should say though is that it isn't very realistic. SSX is all about the "uber" tricks.