Anti-anticitizen One: A Look at Alyx and Eli Vance from Half-Life

BH: A while ago I started a series examining the various premises surrounding Half-Life 2. When I sat down and reflected (and wrote in my own blog, which will be where the following links redirect), I found that there was a lot I liked about the game from both a technical and narrative standpoint. For instance, looking into the situation surrounding Alyx and Eli Vance, I found not just characters who weren’t the default white NPCs, but also people whose backgrounds gave more narrative power to the situations in which they found themselves.

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ATi_Elite2492d ago

Cause HL is such an immersive story driven series that Valve wants the player to feel like they are actually in the game instead of just watching a movie.

If Gordon had dialogue then some of the HL experience would be left out and the player would not feel as immersed or as a part of the game.

When everyone talks they turn and look at you and i've even found myself responding back as to how i felt unlike most games where you just listen. Valve took a more personal approach to HL than most games which is why Gordon doesn't speak cause YOU the actual character are The one true FREEMAN!!