Why Gears 2 still has the best Gears campaign

OXM UK: "Redoubling the focus on the stuff that made Gears 1 good is fine... providing you don't throw any babies out with the bathwater, and providing you don't introduce some all-new wobbles. Gears of War 3 is a masterpiece, Epic, but don't write off Gears 2's successes so easily."

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dirigiblebill2316d ago

I think Gears 2 had more wrong bits than Gears 3, but I also think it had more highlights. The Razorhail/trainyard level was awesome.

Psychonaughty2316d ago

Nah gears 1 had the best campaign, havn't played gears 3 mind.

JellyJelly2316d ago

I think Gears 2 had the worst campaign of the three. The scene with Doms wife made me laugh out loud. It was so cheesy.

thrasherv32316d ago

Gears2 campaign was my least favorite but I thought the scene where he finds his wife was very well done. Everything involving finding his wife before that is what seemed cheesy to me.

ginsunuva2316d ago

Yeah, gears 2 was the worst. It felt downgraded since gears 1.

kx112316d ago

Gears 3 is the best in SP , gears2 was boring and gears1 was shocking looking good but the campaign was not that original

gravemaker2316d ago

single in 2nd was simply the most EPIC
first was most atmospheric and unique

third... meh

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The story is too old to be commented.
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