Massive Dark Souls Gameplay Leak

Dualshock Nexus: Dark Souls is set to release in Japan tomorrow and it appears that someone has captured a ton of gameplay footage from Dark Souls already. The footage you are about to see is a little over 34 minutes combined.

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Darkfocus2407d ago

dammit no English like demons souls...was hoping to get this early :P

Treezy5042407d ago

Same here, but I hear From Software is invading the hell out of people who get the game early as punishment hehe

TopDudeMan2407d ago

That's hilarious! I'd love to fight the creators of the game. They must be awesome.

TopDudeMan2407d ago

I skimmed the first video. Don't want to see too much of it as I want to enjoy the experience while I play it.

Kakihara2407d ago

I can't justify buying this since I still haven't completed Demon's souls. I really enjoyed the first game but once you get to the later areas it demands such a commitment I never felt like I had time to play it knowing that I could be playing for an hour, die and then have to play for another hour just to get back where I was.

Deputydon2407d ago

Honestly Demon's Souls isn't THAT hard. The only worlds that I had trouble in was worlds 3 and 5.

In world 3 there are black phantom mages that can pretty much kill you in one hit thanks to their stun spell (my first playthrough was a thief/archer) so pretty much anything killed me in one hit anyways, but with something with a stun spell and it having a lot of health was pretty hard to kill.

In world 5-2... pretty much everything. From the forced slow walking. To the giant common enemies. To the plague infected enemies. To the giant pitch black open area. But the second time through it's actually one of the easiest worlds in the game. I actually find myself completing it pretty quick on a new game.

I will say though, no matter how many times you play through world 5-2, it will get easier and easier, but the amount of time it takes almost never changes. You can't really run through it thanks to the water. And you can't really rush ahead because of giant 1-2 hit enemies. The bosses are all incredibly easy though, and the last boss of world 5 features some pretty awesome music I must say.

Anyways, what class do you guys plan to start off with in Dark Souls?

I was gonna go with guilt ridden thief. But a bandit also sounds good. I never used many axes in Demons Souls so it'd be nice to start with something different.

zero_cool2407d ago

im really stoked for this game's release next month!

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