Microsoft Continues Banning Without Offering Proof

The headaches continue for users of Xbox LIVE as the service is continuing to ban users across the network. The bans have been so widespread that it only takes a moment on Google or Twitter to see that a good portion of XBL users have been effected by the “ban hammer”.

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millivanilli2554d ago

They know people that only have their accounts banned will start a new one and rebuy the game's they've invested time in. It's a shame, but seems like no one is stopping them.

GunShotEddy2554d ago

Reminds me of the RROD when it first hit. It was one of those things we blamed gamers for till it impacted us. I swore up an down people were not venting their consoles and so on. One day, BAM. RROD got me and I realized it was true. Same thing will happen with these bans maybe.

lorianguy2554d ago

I definitely agree with both of you. It's ridiculous that they're getting away with this.


Banning?! No!!! Before mw3?!?! You lie!!!

Iroquois_Pliskin2554d ago

lol I bet a good portion of the gamers banned, were hacking in MW2

palaeomerus2554d ago

And what exactly is THAT supposed to be worth? You have no idea either way.

-Mika-2554d ago

I agree. They need to be more specific.

Trebius2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

I dont knwo why anyone is surprised with this move by Microsoft. Everytime theyre getting ready to release a high profile game (like CoD) or soon as they release the game, they start banning consoles to inflate their sales. They know people have been waiting 2 years for this Gears title since theres no other hardcore exclusives to play ... so they know everyone will be blinded by their anxiousness to play and try to purchase a new consoole right away.

Wouldnt be surprised if this is something they do routinely, a quota of huge number of bans in order to ensure those extra sales.

JellyJelly2554d ago

If they ban they need to specify why. End of.

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supremacy2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Well its their(Microsoft)system, and honestly they can do whatever they want with it.

-Alpha2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

No, they can't. Not if you pay for it at least. They can't screw with you without proper excuse, nobody can.

I'm sure a majority of these bans have a legitimate excuse, I've seen tons of people making up stories to get themselves unbanned when in fact they indeed did something wrong.

I'm not sure what this new wave is about and if this particular user did do something wrong or not, but I've been hearing about this latest issue on NeoGaf too, so something is up:

supremacy2554d ago

idk i am just saying, they own and control live not the people. Though technically you are right, these people pay for the service so you do have a point.

lorianguy2554d ago

If someone has paid a hefty sum or invested a huge amount of time into something it can't just be taken away from them without reason. It's like taking candy from a baby (In the literal (stealing without reason) and metaphorical (whos stopping them) sense.

YodaCracker2554d ago

Obviously, no one is being banned without reason.

lorianguy2554d ago

@yodecracker that's what they say, but why the sudden rise in bans now? A new game hasn't even come out recently :S

Ragnaarock2554d ago

Did you even read the article? Gameplaytoday's XBL account solely used for reviews was banned. Explain that one to me

KittyEmperor2554d ago

Generally I wouldn't really have any problems if they were going around and banning people for legit reasons. But a friend of mine was banned and he knows nothing about hacking.

Dlacy13g2554d ago

I am not going to claim to know anything about your "friends" situation but I will say this "hacking" is not the only way your account can get banned.

kingdoms2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Shouldn't be crying about proof you should only be crying if you were falsely banned lol

You can catch more people without giving away anything by keeping them in the dark. Lay the hammer down if people are falsely banned though.

It's ironic this news be on this site were it's famous for mods banning and blocking members based on personal beefs.

[email protected]

A banned console from a online service is hardly comparable to a network being hacked with thousands of people's credit card and personal info stolen.

BLow2554d ago

I'm talkin about the outage right now not the one that happened. LOL back at you. I'm in the present not the past...I swear people take shit too personal on this site..I'm done.

DigitalRaptor2554d ago

Who's credit card information was stolen again?

Oh wait...

BLow2554d ago

I wonder how hot this story will get. First the PSN outage and now this. This is going to get ugly... 0_o

Fishy Fingers2554d ago

Hardly the same. this effects a select few, deemed to have broken T&C through whatever means, while the other was a global outage.

MS are routinely on the ban hammer.

MOTY2554d ago

Exactly Fishy.

MS have been banning since the days of knowledge of a firmware hack. However, their first attempt of banning resulted in many consoles that were wrongfully bricked, thus they reversed the ban and unbricked everyone's 360's until they had a better way of determining who was using modded 360's.

Since then, MS have been pretty accurate in determining who have modded consoles. It also says in MS's T&C that they don't need to explain why you were banned or had their consoles bricked. Those that have been banned know damn well why they have been.

Many call in to MS's customer service acting "stupid" like they didn't do anything wrong and yet were banned. However they know very well why they were. Customer service are not given any info from MS as to the nature of the ban, therefore the console owner can't get the info from customer service.

These bannings come from the understanding of the console owner that they rightfully are doing something wrong while the PSN outage affected many innocent bystanders that have not done anything wrong.

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SmashBrawler1012553d ago

Either way, I agree with Drekken's comment. Even if PSN was down for a full day or so, people shouldn't be complaining and learn how to get outside. Heck, I admit: I used to stay inside 24/7 for a few months when I was severely depressed. But after treatment and two med changes, I've been a lot more active. You all should try it some time. Oh and I've been out of Xbox Live membership for a few months and nobody sees me complaining.

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