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Resident Evil 4 HD features all components and action that we loved, but the question that arise here, is buying the game in HD for current generation consoles worth it?

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frelyler2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

"Out of all these three version, the HD remake is definitely the best one in terms of visual, as developer has completely revamp the graphics department of Resident Evil 4. The character models in RE4 HD are lot more detailed, and the textures of surroundings and environments looks more sharper."

"more sharper" really? really? your write for a living and that made it into your already terribly misinformed "article"

WTF is this person talking about, want to laugh again here is another gem from this crap article:

"HD Graphics and much improved Textures"

Seriously, this article was approved. NOTHING was done to the textures and the character models were not touched, this is a lazy ass port with upscaled graphics. Who ever wrote this obviously has no idea what they are talking about and anything spewed forth from their idiotic hands should be ignored in the future. No denying RE4 is awesome and one of my favorite games, but it's par for the course with Crapcom this gen which used to be one of my favorite developers.