Nintendo DS will be most successful gaming device ever

Don Reisinger writes:

"Regardless of whether you're a PlayStation zealot or even a Sega fanboy who can't find it in yourself to buy a Nintendo product, you must admit that Nintendo has been incredibly successful with its DS. And if you ask me, sales will continue to be strong and each update will compound growth until one thing finally happens--the Nintendo DS will become the most successful gaming device of all time."

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LeonSKennedy4Life4045d ago

Why though?

Why is it so popular?

I just traded in my DS because there's no replayability to any of the titles. There was no storyline. Even the "fun-factor" wasn't there for me. Brain Age, Zelda, New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 64??? COME ON! They all bore the TRASH out of me!

I will never understand this great uprising in the DS.

I sold mine to buy Assassin's Creed and I don't regret it one bit!

TruthbeTold4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

The fact that you can't see why it's so popular speaks volumes about the current gamer situation. You like what you like, but there is a growing group of people that aren't into the FPS, or hardcore RPG, etc. Those people are building the market up, and may someday join the hardcore group. This is a good thing. No one genre of game is better than another. It just comes down to personal preference. The DS to many is the best gaming device out there. Power to them. Ya know?

CRIMS0N_W0LF4045d ago

Casual gamers and parents buying DS + Brain Training for kids.

I wonder whats the attach rate of the DS

speakthetruth4045d ago

Because it has emulation capabilities out of the box practically. DS + DS Extreme Card + Roms and Software = An awesome handheld.

Goggle DCEMU, nuff said.

Kholinar4045d ago

The attach rate rate for the DS was 4 as of December 2006.


It's such a slog to get into that though. People always remember one article and go off of it. Like the wii, people say the attach rate's low, just to make fun of it. But the official numbers are at 4.5.

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Xemnas4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Only time will tell, Hey how much did they give you for your DS i want to trade mine in you think about 65 or somthing?

SolidSnake934045d ago

I don't understand do people buy multiple ds units?

PS360WII4045d ago

Naw what happens is one family member buys it and then the others get jealous and have to buy there own. Then those peoples friends see and want one so they buy one and then their friends see and want one so they buy one and on and on. Plus with the sheer number of games and upcoming games it's no wonder why it keeps selling. If you're hardcore to the bone, if you're a gaming guru, if you're a casual gamer, or if you just want to play some puzzlers, or you want to play some wifi gaming with your kids the DS is great for everyone.

wiizy4045d ago

you sold yours to buy assassin's ..that was a clowns decision right there.

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