Dark Souls has gone Gold

Dark Souls has gone Gold and will be releasing in North America on 10.04.2011 and Europe on 10.07.2011.

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Tanir2495d ago

then why isn't it in my hands? WTF GIMMIE!!!!!

Solidus187-SCMilk2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Aww yeah, I love DS and cant wait for this game!!

Ive recently played deus ex: HR and resident evil 1-3 again, and am playing RE4 HD now, then Gears 3. by the time this comes out i could really use a RPG with swords and armor.

lelo2play2494d ago

In Europe it's...
07-10-11 and not 10-07-2011.
day-month-year, the smart way :)
I'm guessing all Europeans use this format... am i wrong?

Honestly, i find it stupid the date format... month-day-year

thekiddfran2494d ago

americans do everything arseways.

Drekken2494d ago

Hating on Americans is cool! Why don't you keep that crap to yourself?

Slient Knight 92494d ago

so close yet so far, can't wait

nix2494d ago

the winter is coming.