Was The Gears of War 3 Launch Party Worth the Wait?

Kotaku - Microsoft really tried to pull off an epic event to Launch Gears of War 3, but did it work?

I spent a while inside the venue before it was opened to the main line. I checked out the early access people playing the game. Dj's were keeping the venue saturated with music, while the open bar flowed. Then the main doors opened and people were let in. Finally the eight days of waiting for David Tyson had been completed, not to mention the five days the group of four behind him had weathered.

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gogospeedracer2558d ago

I don't know about the Launch party but the game sure was!

JoGam2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Seem like it was more people in line to pick-up game than at the party. And to the dude who stood in line 8 days, Go wash ur ass.

gogospeedracer2557d ago

I like all of the Fanboy disagrees! You guys rock! What are your moms making for dinner?

Biggest2557d ago

Your mom is taking me to dinner. Is that how the childish insults are supposed to go? ^^

gogospeedracer2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Haha My mom is 80 years old. Have at son.

I like how you say I'm childish but then do the same thing as I did. Good job winner!

I didn't actually insult anyone. Feeling some guilt for trolling maybe? I think you are!


By the way, that is how you win a discussion! Take some notes!

fluffydelusions2558d ago

I didn't go so couldn't tell you.

xtheownerzx2557d ago

LMFAO @blackbible in the video hahaha

m232557d ago

I went to midnight launch, but it doesn't even compare to that one. Whatever, I went to pick up my game and play it. Loving it so far, this game has actually lived up to the hype, and for me the campaign has exceeded my expectations, and I haven't even completed it yet.