So How Does That Crazy Steel Battalion Kinect Game Work?

Kotaku - Capcom is bringing Steel Battalion to Kinect, minus the enormous controller. In its place, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor uses a combination of Kinect controls and the Xbox controller.

During my Tokyo Game Show eyes-on, I was able to observe the game in action. When the demo started, Kinect scanned the player sitting in a chair in order to map the player in the Steel Battalion Vertical Tank.

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Bigpappy2521d ago

I want more info on this control scheme.

MiamiACR692521d ago

Do we have to sit in an inflatable boat?

Tony P2521d ago

Although the series was always unique for it's controls, the games were never that great tbh.

This one sounds and looks less than promising so far.

So far.

KingPin2521d ago

if the last game specific controller is anything to go by, how the hell are they gonna map all that with kinect. :-|

if any of you know not which controller im referring to